The aim of this research project is to develop standardised and industrially producible elements that will facilitate the construction of residential buildings within a system. The system aims to be flexible, quickly assembled and disassembled and cost-efficient, yet still “architecturally challenging”. Three prototypes were manufactured together with the following companies and their products: DOKA, KINGSPAN, INTERLUX, XENON and EGGER. The following companies participated in the complementation of those three objects: Odörfer, Fischeis GmbH, Zumtobel, Cocoon Austria, Duropack, Isover, Cancola, proHolz and HDA Graz

Project duration:
1997 – 2012

Project management:
Institute of Architecture Technology, TU Graz
Peter Schreibmayer

Institute of Architekture Technology, TU Graz
Province of Styria and other sponsors

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