In response to approaching challenges and strategies for a spatial, temporal and digital densification, this research project develops vertical structures as a concept that covers all essential infrastructural elements of a society, including energy production, food production and the industry. These so-called “hyperbuildings” are not to be understood as solitaires, but as individual cells of a complex urban model. The hyperbuilding concept envisions structures in which urban areas with a population density similar to that of Manhattan require no external energy and water supplies, produce no waste, nor emit CO2, and are merely reliant on very low or no external supplies. Residential, commercial and industrial uses co-exist with parks and agricultural spaces, biomass and energy production. In an overall context, a three-dimensional urban structure emerges that includes urbanity, nature, density and diversity, offering a considerably higher quality of life compared with the cities of today. 

Projectduration:since 2010 Projektleitung:Brian Cody, Institute of Buildings and Energy, TU Graz

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