The aim of the project “BioReactorFacade” is to develop a façade module with integrated photobioreactor, taking aspects of design, engineering, building physics, and biotechnology into account.

The Bioreactor Façade follows the tendency towards adaptive façade systems and is an attempt to exploit solar power by means of in-façade algae photobioreactors. The optimal temperature for algae growth is in the mesophilic range and thus close to temperatures perceived by human beings as pleasant. Integrating a bioreactor into the façade and the resulting necessity of regulating temperature has an immediate positive effect on the interior climate. The façade system thus becomes a conditioning building component that lowers or, ideally, even eliminates the need for heating or cooling

The Institute of Architecture Technology works together with other institutes of Graz University of Technology, the ILEK at the University of Stuttgart, the FIBAG and the company SFL technologie GmbH.

Project duration:
2011 – 2012

Project management:
Institute of Architecture technology, TU Graz
Roger Riewe
Uta Gelbke
Tim Lüking

TU Graz
FFG HdZ Plus-Antrag

Project partnerships:

SFL Technologies GmbH

Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK), University of Stuttgart

Association for resource efficient and sustainable technologies, (ARENA)

Hans Höllwart – Forschungszentrum für integrales Bauwesen AG (FIBAG)

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