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Program of Study

Architects are significantly involved in the shaping of our environment. Their field of work includes aspects that are technical as well as economic, legal, political, and cultural. The study program introduces students on a broad base and in complex contexts to fundamental questions of the field. The tasks to be covered range from the large scale of the landscape, the region and the city, to individual building types and details of construction and space. In addition to learning a methodological basis, students should be prepared to acquire a broad cultural knowledge, understanding of cultural contexts, and social skills. The study of architecture is divided into a six-semester bachelor's degree and a subsequent four-semester master's program.

The professional field of architecture is varied and open. Traditionally, architectural work consists of the elaboration and realization of designs in architectural and planning offices. In teams, consisting of members from various professions, architects also take on coordination tasks and the shaping of development and construction projects. Work in the construction industry—in the context of property developers, construction and project management, or for state, federal or municipal authorities—is a possible area of work, as is visualization in the field of new media, exhibition design, communication or graphics. Architects are able to work on a freelance basis or in private or public offices.

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Information relevant to studies such as curricula, requests for recognition, completion forms, stays abroad, scholarships, etc. can be found on the TU4U intranet of Graz University of Technology.