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Insights Outlooks: Thoughts on the Cultural Achievement of Architectural Design
Irmgard Frank (ed.)
With a contribution of Urs Hirschberg
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technology, 2018
German/English, 95 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-85125-635-2
EUR 22.00

The importance of the Institute of Spatial Design of the Faculty of Architecture at Graz University of Technology has grown significantly under the direction of Irmgard Frank over the past twenty years. In this publication, a perspective on architecture with a focus on space, light, material and object (furniture) is illustrated by means of results, alongside a connection between teaching and research demonstrated by means of an organizational chart and explanatory descriptions. In essays by Urs Hirschberg and Irmgard Frank, both the underlying attitudes of the results and significant connections are discussed—and tendencies addressed—which offer a glimpse into the future.

Irmgard Frank is an architect, and was until 2018 Ordinance for Spatial Art and Design at Graz University of Technology and Head of the Institute of Spatial Design.
Urs Hirschberg has been Professor of Architecture and New Media at the Graz University of Technology since 2002. Since 2013 he is head of the TU Graz Field of Expertise "Sustainable Systems".