gewohnt: un/common
Berlin: Jovis Verlag, 2020
German/English, 250 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-86859-855-1
EUR 19.95
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Guest editors: Andreas Lichtblau, Sigrid Verhovsek

GAM.16 gewohnt: un/common juxtaposes the prevalent floor-plan typologies of the standardized, neoliberal housing market with unconventional models of community living. Instead of preserving affordable living space by perpetually minimizing residential spaces, GAM.16 proposes the creation of additional areas to be shared—by opening and expanding the original (spatial) apartment unit to embrace other functions or persons. GAM.16 advocates more communal spirit and examines collaborative and co-productive housing concepts which create affordable and attractive living space for different life situations—housing concepts as “experimental stages“ for communal living that (re)establish this theme as an aspiration of architecture.

Table of contents

With contributions by
Massimo Bricocoli, Gregory Cowan, Heike Delitz, Alexander Hagner, Rebekka Hirschberg, Marson Korbi, Gesa Königstein, Andreas Lichtblau, Christina Linortner, Karla Mäder, Manfred Omahna, Jakob Öhlinger, Gennaro Postiglione, Nikolai Roskamm, Jomo Ruderer, Stefania Sabatinelli, Philipp Markus Schörkhuber, Fritz Strempel, Günther Uhlig, Sigrid Verhovsek

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