How to ask questions

  • Conference participants („Attendees“) will not be able to unmute their microphones and switch on their cameras during the session.
  • Use the ZOOM function “Raise Hand” to ask questions and to get in touch with the session chairs and presenters.


  • If you raise your hand the session host will change your role in ZOOM-Webinar from „attendee“ to „panelist“. In this case you will be reconnected to the ZOOM session.

  • Please activate your microphone and your camera after joining the session as „panelist“.



  • If the session host sends you a request to unmute your microphone or turn on your camera, please confirm the request.

  • If microphone and video are activated you can ask your question and enter into discussion with the presenters
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Conference secretariat

Marta Mierzejek
Institute of Building Construction
Lessingstraße 25/III
8010 Graz