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The Summer School Porous Materials @ Work took place from Sept. 16-19, 2019 at Graz University of Technology, lecture hall BE01 (Steyrergasse 30/I), 8010 Graz.

  Nano- and micro-porous materials are technologically relevant solids as they offer unique properties with respect to their denser counterparts. However, the successful integration of nano- and micro-porous materials as functional components of real-world systems requires precise control of the physical form of the material across all dimensions. Despite the advances that have been made over a short period of time, there are common challenges faced by the community bring materials with exceptional properties from the lab bench to real devices.
  The summer school focused on the synthesis, processing and characterization of nano- and micro-porous materials (MOFs, MOPs and mesoporous materials), as well as their applications in cutting edge technologies. Leading experts in the field of porous materials discussed preparation protocols for the fabrication of porous films and monoliths. The recent progress on their applications, ranging from electronics to optics, were illustrated. 

 The event was organized by Paolo Falcaro (head), Marion Hofmeister, Christian Slugovc and Egbert Zojer and provided 12 invited tutorial lectures, 4 topical lectures, 5 oral presentations and 22 poster presentations. 62 scientists registered for the event. The book of abstracts of the school was published with Verlag of Technische Universität Graz.


Book of Abstracts

Porous Materials@Work, Summer School,
Book of Abstracts

C. Slugovc, E. Zojer, P. Falcaro (Eds.)

Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz

DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-709-0
Licence: CC BY-NC-ND
ISBN: 978-3-85125-709-0

A detailed program is included in the book of abstracts.

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