The Hidden Power of "Usefull" Microorganism

ROOMBIOTIC developes methods for the sustainable use of biogenic agents to reduce germs. The company was founded in 2014 and originated from a joint research project of TU Graz with the RCPE (Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering). In addition to our germ-controlling products, we also offer a detailed micro / molecular biology analysis in the fields of application of our products. We offer customers a holistic solution in the field of germ control and our approach allows us to respond to individual tasks with the required application.   The novel liquid formulations are used to control the microbiology in the respective process environment and in the areas where hygiene plays a central role. Due to the strong antimicrobial activity, the active ingredients can be used in very low concentrations. The products of ROOMBIOTIC offer customers an increased product safety, improving durability and effective reduction of the spread of pathogens. Depending on the application, an antimicrobial up to a disinfecting effect can be achieved.   The broad spectrum of activity includes mainly those problematic bacteria represented in the field of food processing, storage of animal feed and livestock. In this fields we want to minimize a potential danger to human health. http://www.roombiotic.com