New MSc-Student: Elisabeth Unger

We would like to welcome Elisabeth Unger for her Master Thesis at the Institute!


New paper on total synthesis of Trabectidin degradation product ETM-204

In our newest publication, we describe the first total synthesis of ETM-204, which is a metabolite of the chemotherapeutic agent Trabectidin (Yondelis®). Key step of the synthesis is a modified Pomeranz–Fritsch cyclization to assemble the isoquinoline ring. The paper was published in Monatshefte für Chemie.



New paper on transition-state based inhibitors of DPP3

In this study, published in Chemistry – A European Journal, we disclose the design, synthesis and biophysical characterization of peptidomimetic inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase III (DPP3). The inhibition of this metalloprotease is based on the entropy-driven release of water from the closing binding cleft as confirmed by ITC measurement and X-ray crystallography.


New PhD Student: Maria Degli Innocenti

We would like to welcome Maria Degli Innocenti as a new PhD student at our institute!


Congratulations to Thomas Schlatzer

After successfully defending his PhD thesis on “Labeling and Post Translational Modification of Cysteine-Containing Peptides and Proteins via Pd-Catalyzed S-Allylation”, Thomas Schlatzer became the first PhD-student for more than 50 years in the history of our institute who will receive his doctorate “sub auspiciis praesidentis”. We want to congratulate him on this extraordinary achievement and thank him for the last years in which he became an esteemed member of our Institute!


Review on water-soluble phosphorus ligands

Hydrophilic phosphorus ligands are crucial for transition metal-catalyzed reactions in water or biphasic solvents. In our latest review, published in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, we summarize the progress in the synthesis of novel water-soluble phosphines over the past decade. Additionally, we describe recent applications of transition metal catalysis in aqueous solvents based on hydrophilic P-donor ligands.



Review on ABPP of Oxidoreductases

This minireview summarizes state of the art approaches for the activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) of oxidoreductases and discusses the scope and limitations of established methodologies.


New PhD-Student: Leo Krammer

We would like to welcome Leo Krammer as new PhD-Student at the Institute!


New paper on SAR studies of ATGL inhibitors

In our latest publication in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, we disclose structure–activity relationship (SAR) studies of small molecule inhibitors of murine adipose triglyceride lipase (mATGL) that resulted in the development of Atglistatin as powerful tool compound.



Congratulations to Corina Maller

Corina just finished her Master studies! We wish you all the best for your upcoming PhD studies in Freiburg!


New paper on stereoselective synthesis of thiol-containing 1,2-aminoalcohols

In this contribution published in Tetrahedron, we report a synthetic protocol for the stereoselective preparation of highly functionalized aminohydroxythiols. The methodology is based on a SmI2/LiBr-mediated reductive coupling of Ellman N-sulfinylimines with aldehydes.


Congratulations to Niklas Pontesegger

Niklas Pontesegger just finished his Master studies doing a marvelous job at his exam! We wish you all the best for your upcoming PhD studies!


Congratulations to Martin Vařeka

Today Martin Vařeka defended his PhD thesis on quateraryl alpha-helix mimetics as inhibitors for protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in the first-ever online defense at our Institute. We congratulate on this achievement and are looking forward to his party at a later date!


New publication on alpha-helix mimetics

In this study a highly modular synthesis of quateraryl alpha-helix mimetics as inhibitors for protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is presented. The combination of an electroorganic as well as a Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling provides efficient access to quaterarylic systems. This work was published in Catalysts.


Congratulations to Anna Migglautsch

Anna Migglautsch just defended her PhD thesis on “Development of inhibitors of human adipose triglyceride lipase (hATGL)”. We want to thank her for the last years in which she became an essential member of the Institute and congratulate on doing an amazing job at her defense!


New Senior Scientist: Rita Fürst

Today Rita Fürst has started her new position as Senior Scientist at our Institute!


Press release on drug development

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) just published a press release on the development of a drug candidate for diabetes treatment. This joint research project between the Institute of Molecular Biosciences (University of Graz) and the Institute of Organic Chemistry (TU Graz) focuses on the synthesis of small molecule inhibitors of the adipolytic enzyme ATGL.


Institute tour

Today a group of students from the BORG Birkfeld visited our Institute in the course of their NAWI Graz day at TU Graz. We hope that you enjoyed your tour through our lab facilities!


New PhD-Student: Till Schreiner

Today Till Schreiner started as new PhD-Student and University Assistant at the Institute!


 Congratulations to Till Schreiner

Till Schreiner just finished his Master studies! We are looking forward to welcome him as PhD student soon.


New study on highly selective Pd-catalyzed S-allylation

In our latest publication we disclose a palladium-catalyzed protocol for the highly chemo- as well as regioselective S-allylation of thiols. This transformation developed at the Institute of Organic Chemistry offers several advantages over established reaction for the synthesis of thioethers. The paper was published in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis and highlighted as “very important publication”!


New PhD-Student: Michael Frieß

We would like to welcome Michael Frieß as new PhD-Student at the Institute!


Press release on new method for the synthesis of lipidated proteins

TU Graz just published a press release on the development of a new method for the site-selective lipidation of proteins. This palladium-mediated reaction was developed at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (TU Graz) in collaboration with the Institute of Biological Chemistry (University of Vienna) and recently published in the Journal of American Chemical Society.


Farewell party for Prof. Norbert Klempier

After a great farewell party at Buschenschank Schneiderannerl, we wish Prof. Norbert Klempier all the best for his retirement!


New MSc-Student: Corina Maller

We would like to welcome Corina Maller for her Master Thesis at the Institute!


New MSc-Student: Niklas Pontesegger

We would like to welcome Niklas Pontesegger for his Master Thesis at the Institute!


New Senior Post-Doc: Melanie Trobe

Today Melanie Trobe (PhD alumnus) arrived back from her two-year post-doctoral stay in the lab of Martin D. Burke at the University of Illinois in the U.S. As a recipient of the Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship, she will now join the group of Prof. Breinbauer for her return phase.