Lecture Handouts are available for the following lecture courses on the MSc level, which I have taught at the University of Leipzig and NAWI Graz. Please keep in mind that only part of the subjects covered in the lectures have been presented in handouts. Most of the information has been developed on the blackboard, but these covered subjects are mentioned in the weekly summaries. Heterocyclic Chemistry (University of Leipzig, WS 2006)  Handouts-Heterocycles2005-06.pdf Combinatorial Methods in Chemistry and Biology (University of Leipzig, SS 2006)  Handouts-DOS2006.pdf Chemical Reactivity in Organic Chemistry (University of Leipzig, SS 2007)  Handouts-Reactivity2007.pdf Organic Chemistry II (NAWI Graz, SS 2015)  Handouts-OCII-Breinbauer-SS2015.pdf