Astrophysics & Space Science

We are offering a diversity of Bachelor and Master topics. Please check out our webpage.

Overview about Master's projects and Master's Thesis

In the new curricula it is also possible to work on a Master's Project which has the intention to act as a preliminary work in the field of the later performed thesis. Please contact the supervisor of your choice to discuss a possible split of your work on your Master Topic in Project and Thesis.

Possible Topics are:

Quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium

We are constantly looking for motivated students to work on projects in non-equilibrium strongly correlated systems.

Available master projects on this reasearch topic can be found here.

Further research projects can be found in the Research section. If you are interested, please contact one of the group leaders, Prof. von der Linden, Prof. Arrigoni , or Prof. Evertz.

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Plasma physics

Various topics related to numerical simulations for fusion plasma physics in cooperation with international research institutes. Possible areas:

  • Neoclassical computations for bootstrap current and electron cyclotron current drive in the code NEO-2
  • Symplectic integration of alpha particle orbits in the guiding-center approximation
  • Monte-Carlo methods for collisional transport computations
  • Magnetohydrodynamics and finite element method
  • Connection between astrophysical and fusion plasmas
  • Plasma propulsion

For details, contact Christopher Albert.