ComputingTutor is a learning platform for programming lectures and exercises at all levels and approachable by beginners. Students solve programming assignments and receive direct feedback on their solutions. The software is central to programming and data science lectures in the Physics curriculum, and used in selected lectures in other faculties and for Life Long Learning at TU Graz.

Advantages for students:

  • Automatic tests enable self-directed learning, regardless of time and place.
  • Lecture material and documentation are linked within an integrated learning experience.
  • Students receive direct feedback on their tasks, which motivates them and can improve their learning performance.

Advantages for teachers:

  • Content creation and assessment of exercises is simplified by automation.
  • Students, tutors and groups are managed in the app that scales to several hundreds of participants.
  • Communication and feedback is possible directly in the application.

The original desktop software dates back to 2006 and was subsequently moved to the web in the 2010s. A modern rewrite is the result from the project CodeAbility Austria (2020-2024).

For more information, contact Winfried Kernbichler and Christopher Albert.