The Styrian Workshop on Automatic Control takes place in September 2021 at Retzhof castle. Current topics about Control Engineering will be discussed in lectures.

Best Poster Awards at the European Biomass Conference

Two posters which were created in the framework of a cooperation with "BEST - Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies GmbH is a K1 Competence Centre" were awarded at the European Biomass Conference. The titles of the posters are

  • Evaluation of the Transient Behaviour of a Fixed-bed Biomass Gasifier for Demand-oriented Electricity Production
  • Long-term Validation of a new Modular Approach for CO - Lambda - Optimization

Young Investigator Award at the "ÖGES-Jahrestagung"

Also the "25. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie und Stoffwechsel" has been cancelled due to Sars-CoV-2-virus ("Coronavirus"). Nevertheless, the organisation team has decided to award prizes for selected contributions. Thomas Benninger and Markus Reichhartinger from the Institute of Automation and Control were awarded the Young Investigator Award for the paper "MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF THYROID HORMONE LEVELS DURING THE COURSE OF METHAMICOLE THERAPY IN GRAVES DISEASE", which was co-authored with colleagues from the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetology at the Medical University of Graz.

Best presentation award

Markus Tranninger was awarded for the best presentation at the 54. Regelungstechnisches Kolloquium, Boppard, Germany, 02/2020.

Open Lab 2019

November 14, 2019 was once again Open Lab day at the institute. Live demos of lab experiments, topics for bachelor and master theses, and current research projects were presented.
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Retzhof 2019

In Septemper 2019 the 21. Styrian Workshop on Automatic Control took place at Retzhof Castle. Current topics of Control Engineering and Automation were presented by members of industry and universities. As social event of the workshop a guided tour through the ÖLM (Österreichisches Luftfahrtmuseum Graz-Thalerhof) was organized.

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