Open Lab 2018

On November 15, 2018, an Open Lab took place at the Institute of Automation and Control. Students were invited to experience live demos of lab experiments, to see poster presentations of current research projects, and to talk about possible topics for theses and student projects.

Stefan Koch gives a hands-on explanation of silicon wafer temperature control - carefully avoiding any contamination of the wafer
Two trucks of the automated driving test bed - one of them named in honour of Astrid Rupp, who together with Markus Tranninger originally built up the test bed
Tobias Renzler - between operating the trucks of the automated driving test bed - discusses possible projects and thesis topics with a group of students
Martin Kirchengast and Valentin Kaisermayer demonstrate the quadrotor - a laboratory setup to study the flight stabilization of multirotor helicopters
Maximilian Wetzlinger explains the magnetic levitation lab experiment - an electromagnet that stabilizes an iron ball in mid air - to amazed students
Selma Čeliković gives an overview of the project she is working on at the institute - a control strategy to reduce the production costs of pharmaceutical products
Jakob Ludwiger shows off a robot of the 'GRIPS' Robocup Logistics League team - meanwhile, the robot is busy operating a factory machine making a product
Markus Tranninger gives a push to the inverted reaction wheel pendulum to demonstrate its resilience to external disturbances - pushing it to its limits
Stefan Hölzl presents his work on pressure control for combustion engine test beds - concisely explaining the setup described on the poster
Klemens Kranawetter, Stefan Koch, and a group of students at the steer-by-wire test bed - each of them waiting for a chance to grab the steering wheel


Lab Experiments

Martin Kirchengast
Stefan Koch
Jakob Ludwiger
Franz Michael Maier
Markus Reichhartinger
Tobias Renzler
Markus Tranninger
Maximilian Wetzlinger


Alexandra Doczy
Roland Falkensteiner
Valentin Kaisermayer
Vamsi Makkapati
Eveline Paulitsch
Josef Pucher

Poster Presentations

Selma Čeliković
Stefan Hölzl
Valentin Kaisermayer
Stefan Koch
Klemens Kranawetter
Richard Seeber


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