Gernot R. Müller-Putz, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.

Head of the Institute of Neural Engineering
Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces
Graz University of Technology
Stremayrgasse 16/IV
8010 Graz, Austria

tel: +43 316 873 30700
fax: +43 316 873 30702

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March 2017
I have an invited talk at the nextM conference in Vienna, March 23.

Janurary 2017
I have an invited talk at the 5th International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interfaces in High1Resort, Korea.

November 2016
I have a talk at the Styrian Meeting of the Austrian Neurscience Association on November 24.

I am (co-)organizing the 1st Field of Expertise Day of the TUG FoE Human&Biotechnology on November 3rd.

October 2016
New paper in JNE: "A Hybrid Three-Class Brain-Computer Interface System Utilizing SSSEPs and Transient ERPs" by Breitwieser, Christian; Pokorny, Christoph; Mueller-Putz, Gernot.

I have an invited Keynote at the Austrian Computer Science Day in Linz.


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Graduate students:
Christian Breitwieser, Dipl.-Ing.
Patrick Ofner, Dipl.-Ing.
Andreas Pinegger, Dipl.-Ing.
Steyrl David, Dipl.-Ing.
Andreas Schwarz, Dipl.-Ing.
Joana Pereira, MSc
Reinmar Kobler, Dipl.-Ing.
Catarina Lopes Dias, MSc

PhD finalized:
Martin Seeber, PhD (03/2017), currently PostDoc at University of Geneve, Prof. Michel.
Christoph Pokorny, PhD (02/2017), currently PostDoc at TU Graz, Professor Maass.
Petar Horki, PhD (04/2016)
Josef Faller, PhD (10/2015), currently PostDoc at Columbia University in City of New York, Prof. Sajda.
Alex Kreilinger, PhD (08/2015), currently Clinical Field Engineer at Medical University of Graz.
Martin Billinger, PhD (01/2015), currently MED-EL, Innsbruck

My Publications

My Publications can be found here:
PURE TU Graz Online



My Projects

Feel Your Reach (ERC Consolidator)
MoreGrasp (EU Horizon 2020, RIA, Coordinator)
EEG@Wachkoma (Land Steiermark)
BNCI Horizoin 2020 (EU FP7, CSA, Coordinator)
BackHome (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
BrainAble (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
Better (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
Decoder (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
Tobi (EU FP7, IP, Partner)

Current Thesis Topics (Bachelor/Master)

If you are interested in working with EEG, neuroprosthetics, robotics, persons with spinal cord injury, persons with disorders of consciousness, and want to develp new BCI systems for communication and control: make an appointment and let us talk!
Interested in studying error potentials, motor related cortical potentials or work on decoding of movement?: make an appointment and let us talk!

Past News

October 2016
Graz BCI Racing Team Mirage91 in Zurich, Kloten at the Cybathlon.
All 4 abstracts are accepted for the Cybathlon Symposion - also we have talk representing the BCI discipline:
"The MIRAGE91 Brain–Computer Interface", David Steyrl et al.
"First contact screening of a BCI Pilot", Maria Höller et al.
"Optimized individual mental tasks to control BCIs", Karina Statthaler et al.
"BCI adaptation for an end user – The GRAZ-BCI approach", Andreas Schwarz et al.

Keynote Lecture at the Swiss, Austrian 
and German Societies of Biomedical Engineering Conference in Basel.


September 2016
Habilitation committee Dr. Fabien Lotte and talk: "Towards Non-Invasive EEG-based Hand/Arm Control in Spinal Cord Injury"

J. Neuroscience:"EEG oscillations are modulated in different behavior-related networks during rhythmic finger movements" by Martin Seeber, Reinhold Scherer, and Gernot Müller-Putz

Front. Neurosci.-Neuroprosth.:"Evaluation of different EEG acquisition systems concerning their suitability for building a brain-computer interface: case studies”, by Andreas Pinegger, Selina Christin Wriessnegger, Josef Faller and Gernot Müller-Putz

August 2016
Flyer of the MoreGrasp project ready for download (or in German).
June 2016

I have an invited talk at the 50th Anniversary Symposium Spinal Cord Injury Center Heidelberg.