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Gernot R. Müller-Putz,
Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.

Head of the Institute of Neural Engineering
Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces
Graz University of Technology
Stremayrgasse 16/IV
8010 Graz, Austria

tel: +43 316 873 30700
fax: +43 316 873 30702

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May 31st
Inivited at the AI for Good Global Summit to speak at the Workshop "AI's next Frontier: The future of brain-computer interfaces for good"

January 2024
I gave a Talk at the IEEE V&T IoT Summit at RWW2024

November 2023
Gave a talk at the Paris Brain Institute.

November 2023
Gave a talk at Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society for Biomedical Engineering.

June 2023
I organize a Workshop on "Non-invasive Motor Control" at the 10th BCI Meeting in Brussels.

May 2023
I will give a talk at Istitutio di Biorobotica, Bioelectronics and BioEngineering Arae, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. "Non-invasive BCIs for motor restoration in the upper extremity"

January 2023
I am now an Associate Editor for "IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering"

December 2022
- Invited talk at the Wyss Center, Geneva: Symposium - Brain-computer interfaces: New technology. More data. Improving lives.

October 2022
- Nominated as "Austrian of the Year 2022" in the category "Research" Top 3 (die Presse, AustriaGala22)

September 2022
- Talk at the Joint Annual Conference of the Austrian, German and Swiss Societies for Biomedical Engineering BMT2022.
- Talk at "Sprechen wir über die Wissenschaft" organized by BioTechMed Graz, "Wie können wir die Funktion unseres Gehirns verbessern?" Cafe Kaiserfeld, 12.9.2022

June 2022
- Organization of the NeuroIS Training Course and Retreat in Vienna June 14-16
- Organization of the Initiative Gehirnforschung Steiermark Netzwerktreffen, June 20

January 2022
- Talk at 3rd BCI Un-Conference Series: Continuous movement decoding from non-invasive EEG

September 2021
- I am Co-Chair of the ÖGBMT annual meeting happening in Graz in September. 50 years of biomedical engineering in Graz.
- I have an invited talk about "30 years of BCI research at TU Graz"

June 2021
- NeuroIS Retreat. The meeting of the NeuroIS Society.
- 8th Int. BCI Meeting: virtual Meeting. We present in Workshops, Talks and Posters!

May 2021
Neural Engineering Conference NER21. We present our latest research on Feel Your Reach.
Published my first book, together with PD Dr. R. Rupp: "Neuroprosthetics and Brain-Computer Interfaces in Spinal Cord Injury", see info-box.

February 2021
Beeing a guest in PhD Seminar on IT and Neuroscience at HEC Montreal.

January 2021
New Paper in Journal of Neural Engineering: "Online asynchronous detection of error-related potentials in participants with a spinal cord injury by adapting a pre-trained generic classifier", by Catarina Lopes Dias, Andreea Ioana Sburlea, Katharina Breitegger, Daniela Wyss, Harald Drescher, Renate Wildburger and Gernot R Müller-Putz

September 2020
We started a Joint PhD Program between Nanyang Technical University (NTU) Singapore and TU Graz in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Current Thesis Topics (Bachelor/Master)

If you are interested in working with EEG, neuroprosthetics, robotics, persons with spinal cord injury, persons with disorders of consciousness, and want to develp new BCI systems for communication and control: make an appointment and let us talk!
You would like to develop software/apps for mobile telephones in the BCI sector? Doing a thesis in the filed of Information Systems? make an appointment and let us talk! Interested in studying error potentials, motor related cortical potentials or work on decoding of movement?: make an appointment and let us talk! Join the BCI Racing Team Mirage91 and do your thesis / project with a group of enthusiastic students. Work on your thesis in an international research environment! Interested in going abroad to do the master thesis? make an appointment and let us talk!

Short Bio

Prof. Dr. Gernot Müller-Putz is head of the Institute of Neural Engineering and its associated Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces. He received his MSc in electrical and biomedical engineering in 2000, his PhD in electrical engineering in 2004 and his habilitation and “venia docendi” in medical informatics from Graz University of Technoloy in 2008. Since 2014 he is full professor for semantic data analysis.

He has gained extensive experience in the field of biosignal analysis, brain-computer interface research, EEG-based neuroprosthesis control, communication with BCI in patients with disorders of consciousness, hybrid BCI systems, the human somatosensory system, and BCIs in assistive technology over the past 18 years. He has also managed several national projects (State of Styria) and international projects (Wings for Life, EU Projects) and recently coordinated the EU Horizon 2020 project MoreGrasp. Furthermore, he organized and hosted seven international Brain-Computer Interface Conferences over the last 18 years in Graz, the last one (8th Conference) in Sept. 2019. He is Review Editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience, special section Neuroprosthetics, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions in Biomedical Engineering and Associate Editor of the Brain-Computer Interface Journal. In 2014/15 he was Guest editor in chief of a special issue of the Proceedings if the IEEE “The Plurality of Human Brain-Computer Interfacing”. Since August 2019 he is Speciality Editor in Chief of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: Brain-Computer Interfaces. He has authored more than 200 peer reviewed publications and more than 180 contributions to conferences which were cited more than 24000 times (h-index 74). In 2015, he was awarded with an ERC Consolidator Grant “Feel your Reach” from the European Research Council. In May 2017 he received the Ludwig-Guttman Award from the German Medical Spinal Cord Injury Association (DMGP). In May 2018 he was elected into the Board of Directors of the International Brain-Computer Interface Society. In May 2019 he received a research award from the State of Styria "Digitalisierung in der Wissenschaft". He is founding member and scientific Co-Director of the NeuroIS Society. (November 2023)


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Graduate students, in a PhD program:

Lea Hehenberger, Dipl.-Ing.
Nitikorn Srisrisawang, MSc
Shayan Jalilpour, MSc
Hannah Pulferer, Dipl.-Ing.
Mathias Schmoigl, MSc
Michael Wimmer, MSc
Markus Crell, MSc
Johanna Egger, Dipl.-Ing.
Patrick Suwandjieff, Dipl.-Ing.

PhD finalized:
Joana Pereira, PhD (12/2021): PostDoc at University of Freiburg
Catarina Lopes-Dias, PhD (03/2021): PostDoc at Medical University of Graz
Andreas Schwarz, PhD (10/2020): Postdoc at Medical University of Heidelberg
Reinmar Kobler, PhD (10/2020): PostDoc at RIKEN, Japan
Andreas Pinegger, PhD (12/2019): currently working by Magna, Austria.
Patrick Ofner, PhD (11/2019): currently PostDoc at University of Freiburg, Germany.
Steyrl David, PhD (11/2018): currently PostDoc at University of Vienna, Austria, Prof. F. Scharnowski.
Christian Breitwieser, PhD (09/2017), currently at Ranorex GmbH, Graz Austria.
Martin Seeber, PhD (03/2017), currently PostDoc at UCLA.
Christoph Pokorny, PhD (02/2017), currently PostDoc at EPFL, Blue Brain Project.
Petar Horki, PhD (04/2016), currently PostDoc at University of Freiburg, Inst. f. Medical Biometry and Statistics
Josef Faller, PhD (10/2015), currently PostDoc.
Alex Kreilinger, PhD (08/2015), currently at Brain Products GmbH, Germany.
Martin Billinger, PhD (01/2015), currently MED-EL, Innsbruck

My Publications

My Publications can be found here:
PURE TU Graz Online

YouTube Channel

My Projects

INTRECOM (EIC Pathfinder)
Feel Your Reach (ERC Consolidator)
MoreGrasp (EU Horizon 2020, RIA, Coordinator)
EEG@Wachkoma (Land Steiermark)
BNCI Horizoin 2020 (EU FP7, CSA, Coordinator)
BackHome (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
BrainAble (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
Better (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
Decoder (EU FP7, Strep, Partner)
Tobi (EU FP7, IP, Partner)

Book published

Together with PD.Dr. Rüdiger Rupp from Heidelberg University Hospital, Spinal Cord Injury Center, I have edited the following book:

We have 5 sections: Basics, Neuroprosthetics in Spinal Cord Injury, Clinical Brain–Computer Interfaces, Clinical Use Cases and Practice, Outlook.
Find more details follwing this link.

Past News
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