The Neurotutor: A brain-inspired adaptive virtual learning system

The acquisition of knowledge and skills still underlies restrictions given inherently by location, opening hours, costs, or the trainers’ competence. Furthermore, individual capacities and mental states are as well neglected although they affect learning. We aim to develop an application that overcomes the above mentioned limitations. This project combines theories from cognitive neuroscience on learning and methods, a Brain-Computer-Interface Technology (BCI) and Mixed Reality (MR) in a learning environment. The fusion of BCI and MR technology will result in a totally new learning system, the so called “Neurotutor”. The BCI measures the brain activity of the student and accurately monitors the mental state. By using this information, markers for mental workload and fatigue, are detected and processed online. Following, the Neurotutor adapts its teaching to match the mental state of the student and keep the level of training efficient. This novel combination of BCI and MR technology, the Neurotutor, allows the user to acquire knowledge wherever and whenever he/she wants in an individualized way by taking the mental state into account.