Alireza Jafarinia

Alireza Jafarinia was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1989. He did his Bachler studies in Mechanical engineering at Persian Gulf University. He continued his academic studies in the same field and achieved his master’s degree from Yazd University in Iran. In his M.Sc. thesis, he generated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs with Fortran; generally, his field of expertise is numerical simulation of transport equations using finite volume methods.  After his graduation in 2013, He had been working as a CFD engineer. From 2017 to 2018, he spent one year in “Applied and Computational Mathematics” master program at the University of Bergen, Norway. His passion for interdisciplinary research caused him to pursue the PhD in “thrombus formation and growth in aortic dissections” offered by Institute of Strength of Materials. He started his PhD in June 2018. Currently, He is working under the supervision of Professor Thomas Hochrainer as a university project assistant at IFL, and he is a member of the international team at GCCE.