Our Expertise

The Institute of Strength of Materials serves academia and supports industrial partners as an independent mechanics institute since 1998. Our deep expertise on the use of existing and development of new simulation methods helps our partners to better understand the problem and enhance the quality of solutions.

We use a variety of methods to derive the behavior of materials and structural systems. These approaches rely on the realization of the microstructure and using techniques to derive the material behavior from the interaction of its constituents. Our multi-national team includes experts on modeling techniques from particle scale (10-6 m) to continuum scale (cm).

Acting forces in the CLUPAK unit of a paper machine.

Engineering Simulations

A meaningful analysis of high-quality requires careful modeling, e.g. employing the finite element framework. Our expertise in solid mechanics includes the following fields:

  • multi-physics simulation
  • problems at small and large deformations
  • contact mechanics

The models are mainly built with either commercial software (Ansys, Abaqus, etc.) or specialized in-house software.

Compression of a heterogeneous material at large deformations.

Material Models

Any simulation in solid state mechanics relies on the quality of the used material model. A deep understanding is key to model the involved physical and mechanical phenomena in the real process. Our expertise covers the following fields:

  • visco-elasticity
  • visco-plasticity / crystal plasticity
  • continuum dislocation theory
  • crystalline / amorphous / incompressible materials

Design of Systems with Microstructure

We have years of experience in performance prediction of various natural and construction materials. The materials that we study are of relevance to a wide variety of industries, e.g. pharmaceutical tablets and concrete. Our expertise includes:

  • particle mechanics (properties of constituent particles)
  • formation, evolution and consolidation of a microstructure
  • prediction of material parameters for phenomenological models from microstructures

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