Completed Master Theses


Thomas Mösl

Design and Validation of a Sensor System for the Determination and Phase of Water in the Exhaust Tract of a Fuel Cell

Alexander Kerschofer

Laser Driver and Lock-In Amplifier Circuit Developement for a Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor based on Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy


Mario Theissl

Erhöhung der Sensordynamik eines kalorimetrischen Fluidsensors für Mehrphasenströmungen


Matthias Longin

Development of a sensor system for measuring the particle number concentration in automotive exhaust gas

Markus Knoll

Development of a Low-cost, Wireless, Photoacoustic based NO2 Recognition Sensor for Air Pollution Measurements

Michael Haar

Calendar Aging of Lithium-Ion-Batteries

David Niederkofler

4D Computed Tomography

Dominik Klein

Digital Sensor Interfaces for Automotive Applications

Marco Domijanic

Ethernet in motor vehicles

Michael Kügler

Particle Detection and Experimental Evaluation of Different Material Combinations for Saturators of Particle Counting Devices


Thomas Hämmerle

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) for an automotive realtime multicore operating system

Hrvoje Cvitkušić

Monitoring System for Existing Retaining Structures

Thomas Pichler

Development of a Novel Highly Scalable RFID Reader/Writer Firmware Architecture

Werner Luckinger

Method for Measuring the Exhaust Gas Velocity of a Combustion Engine


Florian Kofler

Automated Test Bench for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

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