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Electrical Engineering @ TU Graz

08/2019 - On the faculty's new website Studying Electrical Engineering at TU Graz - a great choice you can get an overview of the Electrical Engineering programme and what a wide range of job opportunities arise with it (in German only).

EU project CARES

08/2019 - Earlier this year the new research project CARES started at TU Graz. In this article Alexander Bergmann gives an overview on the project and it's aims to reduce emissions and improve air quality (in German only).

A hand holds a small circuit board with a tuning fork attachted to it
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A street with a lot of cars and clouds of dust
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Cambridge Particle Meeting 2019

06/2019 - In the end of June the Cambridge Particle Meeting was held at Cambridge University Engineering Department. A group of six members of the Institute of Electronic Sensor Systems contributed with oral and poster presentations to discuss their latest research on aerosol science with the international community. The presentations covered a broad range of topics including novel particle sensing principles, miniaturization of particle sensors and aerosol conditioning for engine exhaust particle measurements.

a group of researchers of the institute in front of the Cambridge University Engineering Department
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Austrian Young Scientits visit at JRC

11/2018 - In the middle of November Markus Bainschab visited the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy, as part of a group of Austrian young researchers within the framework of the EU Presidency of Austria. Markus is currently working for the research project DownToTen and he gave a short presentation about how DownToTen seeks to develop a reliable and robust methodology to measure particle number emissions in the sub 23 nm region (down to at least 10nm).

Batteries Event 2018

10/2018 - In the beginning of October Reinhard Klambauer gave a talk about "Multiphysical Simulation of the Mechanical Frequency Response of a Lithium-Ion Battery Cell in respect of the Intercalation and De-intercalation of Ions" at the Batteries Event 2018 in Nice, France, where he presented the first results of the research project VALERIE.

Entrance to the conference venue where the Batteries Event 2018 has been held.
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A man is giving a talk in front of a lot of people. Next to him a presentation is projected on the wall.
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Lead Project Kick-off

09/2018 - In the beginning of July, TU Graz has started the interdisciplinary lead project Porous Materials@Work to realize porous materials for novel applications in the areas of sensors, microelectronics, energy storage, and production of pharmaceuticals. The task of the institute, sub-project P7, which is supervised by Alexander Bergmann and Anna Coclite (, will be to design a humidity sensor on the basis of porous materials (i.e. hydrogels). The first part is going to deal with the deposition as well as the characterisation of the used materials. Stefan Cesnik will be working for the project for the next years and he participated in the kick-off meeting, which took place in early September. Further information on the lead project can be found on the project website.

Comsol User Day

06/2018 - In June Alexander Bergmann and Comsol Multiphysics® hosted a Comsol User Day at TU Graz, where participants had a day full of minicourses, talks by invited speakers and interaction with other simulation specialists. The talks ranged from the modelling of MEMS pressure sensors over the modelling and simulation of a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) strain sensor to the simulation and validation of particle sensors.

TU Graz Planet Research

02/2018 - Recently Alexander Bergmann and his team were interviewed on their research activities. The full interview can be found at TU Graz Planet Research.


11/2017 - In the end of October, the IEEE SENSORS 2017 took place in Glasgow, UK. The conference covered a broad range of multidisciplinary topics related to sensors and their applications. Alexander Bergmann and Reinhard Klambauer represented the institute at the conference. Reinhard Klambauer held a poster presentation about “A New Principle for an Ultrasonic Flow Sensor for Harsh Environment”.

The Picture shows the Scottish Event Campus where the conference took place.
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Picture of the entrance of the conference venue.
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Lecture room with presentation slides projected on the wall.
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36th AAAR Annual Conference

10/2017 - Alexander Bergmann, Martin Kupper and Mario Schriefl attended the annual conference of the American Association for Aerosol Research, which was held October 16-20 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Mario Schriefl gave a talk about “Simulation and Experiments with a Modular Electrical Particle Detector” and Martin Kupper gave two talks with the titles“ A Study of Alternative Working Fluids and Corresponding Effects for Condensation Nuclei Counters Applied on Automotive Exhaust” and “Experimental Evaluation of Components for a Super Compact In-Situ LII Probe Applicable on Automotive Exhaust Pipes”.

2017 IEEE Photonics Conference

10/2017 - From the 1st until the 5th of October the 30th Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society took place in Florida, USA. The IEEE Photonics Conference covers topics in the areas of lasers, optoelectronics, optical fiber networks, and associated lightwave technologies and applications. Alexander Bergmann and Georg Brunnhofer attended the conference to present a poster about first results of Georg Brunnhofers doctoral thesis on a “Concept for a Holographic Particle Counter”.

FC Diamond Project Meeting

09/2017 - In the end of September the research group of the project FC Diamond had a meeting with all project partners in Duisburg, Germany.

A group picture of the project team members standing togehter.
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EAC 2017

08/2017 - From 27th of August – 1st of September, the European Aerosol Conference was held in Zurich, Switzerland. This conference is the meeting place in Europe for the international research community working in the field of aerosol science and technology and takes place every year. Markus Bainschab attended the conference and held a poster presentation with the title “Extending Particle Number Limits to below 23 nm: First Results of the H2020 DownToTen Project” where he presented the latest results of the research project DownToTen. This project is funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme.

Ion Transport in Organic and Inorganic Membranes 2017 (Sochi, RUS)

05/2017 - Larisa Karpenko-Jereb, who leads the research project FC Diamond at the institute, attended the  Annual International Conference-School «Ion transport in organic and inorganic membranes» in Russia to talk about her latest research results. She also was a member of the jury responsible for the poster session.

Larisa Karpenko-Jereb and 3 collgeaues of her standing together at the conference.
©Karpenko-Jereb - TU Graz/ies
Picture of the Black Sea.
©Karpenko-Jereb - TU Graz/ies
Larisa Karpenko-Jereb standing at the beach in front of the confernce posters.
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08/2017 - From July 16 to 20, the 19th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena (ICPPP) took place in Bilbao, Spain. Philipp Breitegger presented a poster about "Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy for environmental trace gas sensing with WSNWS" and Benjamin Lang gave a talk with the title "A photoacoustic cell for high flow rate environments".

Philipp Breitegger and another conference participant standing in front of a conference poster.
©TU Graz/ies
Benjamin Lang is giving his talk in front of a small audience.
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07/2017 - In the EU-funded project DownToTen project scientist Markus Bainschab built two prototypes, with which exhaust gases can be diluted. The prototypes then were sent to projekt partners Ricardo UK and AVL List GmbH to undergo various measurements and tests. Markus visited project partner Ricardo UK in Shoreham-by-Sea (GB) to support the measurements. 

Picture of one of the prototypes.
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies
Picture of Lancing (UK), the town next to the location of Ricardo UK.
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies

The Worlds of Nanoparticle Analysis

05/2017 - On the 18th of May the seminar “The Worlds of Nanoparticle Analysis” took place at the campus. The seminar has been organised by the institute in cooperation with TSI GmbH, a company specialised in the design and production of precision measurement instruments. The talks covered topics such as the analysis of particles, measurement methods, particle emissions of motor vehicles and the challenges of particle sensors in general. In addition to selected aerosol equipment of TSI GmbH the international participants could also take a look at the Roller Test Bed for Heavy Duty Vehicles at the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics.

Alexander Bergmann (TU Graz) and Antoni Karamat (TSI GmbH).
©A. Karamat
Aerosol equipment of TSI GmbH.
©Schönfelder - TU Graz/ies
Participants of the seminar talking.
©Schönfelder - TU Graz/ies

Visitors from Germany

04/2017 - On the 10th of March a group of young scientists from the Sensor Application Center SappZ of the OTH Regensburg visited the institute. They are researching in similar areas as IES and were interested in the institute’s research fields, projects and laboratories. The visit also include tours at the Institute of Electronics and Institute of Microwave and Photonic Engineering. The next day’s programme was a visit at CTR Research Centre for Smart Sensors & Systems Integration in Villach, Carinthia.

Group picture of the SappZ team, A. Bergmann and M. Kraft.

Knowledge exchange in Finland

03/2017 - In the end of February Markus Bainschab went to Finland for 2 weeks to carry out measurements for the research project DownToTen with project partner Tampere University of Technology. The first prototype of the sampling system for measuring particles down to 10 nm was set up, tested and compared to various existing systems.

Hervanta, a district in the south of the Finnish city of Tampere.
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies
The campus of Tampere University of Technology.
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies
A part of the measurement set-up.
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies
View of a part of Tampere.
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies

The team grows

02/2017 - Since the beginning of January the team of IES has grown further and has welcomed 
Paul Maierhofer as new university project assistant. Paul has a master's degree in Technical Physics and his work at IES will be about modeling and designing highly integrated photonic sensor systems.

Merry Christmas

24/12/2016 - On the 14th of December IES had it's Christmas Party with all staff members, PhD students, diploma students, external lecturer and friends. The team whishes everyone a restful Advent Season and a successful New Year!

group picture of the institute's team
©T. Mösl
team members cooking
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team members cooking
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team members cooking
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decorated table
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cupcakes decorated with chocolate snowflakes
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group picture of the team sitting around the table
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IEEE Sensors 2016

12/2016 - From 30th of October - 2nd of November Alexander Bergmann, Benjamin Lang and
Mario Schriefl took part at the IEEE Sensors Conference in Orlando, Florida.
The latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of sensors
and sensing technology have been presented there.
Mario Schriefl gave a talk about "Design Principles for Diffusion Chargers Sensing Particle Number Concentration" and Benjamin Lang presented a poster with the title "Design Framework for a Gas Sensor Based on an Open Photoacoustic Resonator".

Besides the sharing of information with researchers from all over the world,
our colleagues could enjoy the warm weather and the sunny beaches.

A. Bergmann and B. Lang at the confernce.
©Schriefl - TU Graz/ies
M. Schriefl and B. Lang with a surfboard.
©Schriefl - TU Graz/ies

Lecture Excursion

12/2016 - As part of the lecture "452.052 Environmental Sensing" the lecturer, Mr Schindler, took the students to an air quality monitoring site at Petersgasse 128, Graz.

Students, lecturer and guide in front of the air quality monitoring site at Petersgasse 128, Graz.
©Schriefl - TU Graz/ies

New Staff Member

Profile picture of staff member Markus Bainschab
©Bainschab - TU Graz/ies

11/2016 - In the beginning of November Markus Bainschab joined IES as university project assistant for the next 3 years.
After finishing his master's degree in Technical Physics, he will now participate in the EU project DownToTen and at the same time work on his doctoral thesis.

Logo DownToTen

EU Project DownToTen

Measuring Automotive Exhaust Particles down to 10 Nanometres

01/10/2016 - Today a big research project starts at the institute. Together with the Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics and 7 external partners IES will seek to develop a reliable and robust methodology to enhance the regulatory approach in the assessment of particle number emissions in the sub 23nm region (down to at least 10nm), focusing on state-of-the art automotive powertrains with direct injection gasoline engines, but also diesel ones, under real-world operation conditions.

European Aerosol Conference

08/2016 - Recently the 22nd European Aerosol Conference took place in Tours (FR). This conference provides a platform where aerosol scientists and engineers from all over the world come together in order to discuss their research results and gain information about novelties in the fields of aerosol science, aerosol measurement instrumentation, health effects of aerosols etc.

Alexander Bergmann, Martin Kupper and Mario Schriefl from IES attended the conference.
Mario Schriefl gave a talk with the title „Characterization and Modelling of a Novel Particle Number Detector“.
Martin Kupper presented a poster with the topic: “A Simulation and Experimental Attempt for a High Temperature Condensed Nuclei Magnifier using Organic Working Fluids”.

Besides a wide range of interesting lectures, presentations and poster sessions during the conference, some nice places in and around Tours could be discovered.

The European Aerosol Conference logo projected on the Wall.
©M. Kupper
Mario Schriefl on the podest giving a talk.
©M. Kupper
The IES Crew, A. Bergmann, M. Schriefl and M. Kupper accompanied by Martin Cresnoverh in Tours.
©M. Kupper

Summer Trainees

08/2016 - During the summer months IES received support and cake :) from five summer trainees. They helped our research assistants with their literature research, helped to prepare measurement setups and did small programming tasks in C and C#.

Members of the institute and summer trainees sitting outside on benches.
©Schönfelder - TU Graz/ies
Chocolate cake.
©Schönfelder - TU Graz/ies

IES Under Construction

© Klambauer - TU Graz/ies

05/2016 - At the moment our rooms are under heavy construction. We are looking forward to move to our new rooms and laboratory at the beginning of July. After the construction work has finished we are going to equip our aerosol and electronic laboratory and put it into duty.

Room with tools and cables lying around and the IES logo on the wall.
©Eichberger, Klambauer - TU Graz/ies
Corridor with new build in wall.
©Eichberger - TU Graz/ies
Room under construction with electricians working in the background.
©Eichberger - TU Graz/ies

Institute Kick-Off

01/03/2016 - On the first of March 2016 the new instute officially opened it's not yet existing gates. With a small team of six highly motivated people we are aiming for a fully operational institute as soon as possiple.

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