Model-based Reconstruction for Quantitative MRI

Model-based reconstruction methods formulate quantitative reconstruction as parameter estimation in domain-specific physical models. This enables the development of fundamentally methods for quantitative MRI with short scan times.


Figure: Whole brain T1 mapping in one minute using 5 consecutive 5-slice SMS acquisitions (Wang et al. 2020)

Figure: High Resolution T1 quantification from golden-angle radial 3D acquisitions. Transversal, sagittal and coronal views. Acquisition time: Reference (22min), 89 Spokes (4.8min), 55 Spokes (3min), 34 Spokes (1.8min), 21 Spokes (1.1min), 13 Spokes (0.7min), 8 Spokes (0.4min).

Figure: Cardiac real-time imaging using multi-echo FLASH and model-based reconstruction for water and fat separation (Tan et al. 2019)

Figure: Spin-density and color-coded T2 maps of the human brain obtained by GF-MARTINI reconstructions with validity mask and constant undersampling factors of 1, 2, 6, and 12. The corresponding measurement times were 12:54, 6:27, 2:09, and 1:05 min (Sumpf et al. 2014).