Virtual Coach Reaches Out To Me, V2me, combines real life and virtual social
network elements to prevent and overcome loneliness in Europe’s aging
populations. Its overall goal is to enhance the joy of life of the network
members. To fulfil this goal V2me supports active ageing by increased
integration in the society through the provision of advanced social
connectedness and social network services and activities. 
V2me implements this goal by a flexible assistive living solution to prevent
loneliness with particular emphasis on acceptance by senior end users.
Rooted in scientific theory and research, it uses evidence-based prevention
and intervention strategies to develop a social facilitator that enables both
prevention of loneliness in young-old individuals (65-74 years) and successful
intervention in older generations (75+ years). V2me is encouraging older
people to continue in participating in the society, to share their knowledge and
experiences, to stay mobile and cognitively agile.
As an intelligent combination of off-the-shelf and innovative technology
(hardware and software) hiding behind a simple, user friendly interface, V2me
presents itself as a coach with two distinct functions: 
1. Mediating relationships by supporting contact with other users from existing
kin, friends, and professional networks, and potential new communication
partners (enriching social networks). 
2. Interacting with the user in an adaptive personalised way to establish a
para-social relationship (as an additional contribution to preventing
loneliness). Learn More About V2me: AAL Programme