Artgineering-LAMA-Sweco (ALS_O)’s "The Green Market" Project Wins Competition for the Biggest Square in Belgium

Artgineering (Aglaée Degros, Institute of Urbanism), in cooperation with LAMA and Sweco, has been chosen winner in the open competition Open Oproep for the refurbishment of Belgium's largest square, the Grote Markt.

The concept of “The Green Market” envisions a future-oriented meeting place that combines sustainable mobility, the promotion of the local economy and climate-friendly construction. The four-hectare site will be landscaped and extended with a comprehensive mobility plan, designed to reduce traffic in the centre and to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists. The redesign also includes the installation of child-friendly water features, which simultaneously provide cooling, water filtering and act as a climate regulator for the city centre.

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