Prof. Masahide Takahashi

Prof. Masahide Takahashi is a professor of Graduate School of Materials Science and a director of International Institute for Materials Science and Nanotechnology in Osaka Prefecture University (OPU). He obtained Ph.D at Kobe University in 1996. Then he spent several years as a post-doctoral fellow in Toyota Technological Institute and Kobe University. He was appointed as a research associate in Kyoto University in 1999, and promoted to an associate professor in 2006; he moved to OPU as a full professor in 2009. Currently, he is Invited Professor at TU Graz where he teaches “Radiation and Matter” with Paolo Falcaro. He has been working on sol-gel preparation of functional materials for soft actuating, super-hydrophobic surfaces, catalysts, adsorbates and others. Recently, his group is working on responsive and adaptive micro structured/porous thin films of organic-inorganic hybrid stimuli-responsive materials. He is a recipient of national and international awards including Distinguished Young Scientists Award (the Ceramics Society of Japan), Japan-Australia Joint Ceramics Award, BCSJ award, Japanese Ceramics Society Award to name a few. Currently he is the director of the International Sol-Gel Society. Website: Laboratory of Material Science and Nanotechnology Google Scholar Profile of Prof. Takahashi