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"Physikalische Gespräche" on "AI in Research and Teaching" with Ass.-Prof. Christopher Albert and Rector Horst Bischof
October 19th, 2023 | 6 pm | FSI I, Inffeldgasse 11

Dialogue event "AI tools in teaching"
October 19th, 2023 | 12:45 pm - 2 pm | HS P1

Cloudflight Coding Contest
October 20th, 2023, | 3 pm to 7 pm | Place: Hörsaal i12, Inffeldgasse 16b

„Meet Hidden Champions“ Young ICT Companies Recruiting Event
350 jobs, paid internships and master theses subjects!
October 24th, 2023, | 3 pm to 6 pm | Hörsaal BMT, Stremayrgasse 16

Talk: Dr. Anne Canteaut
"Propagation of Subspaces in Primitives with Monomial Sboxes"

October 30th, 2023 | 4 pm | IFEG042

Talk: Prof. B. Emek Abali
"Multiphysics Computation of Electrified Tissue"

November 06th, 2023 | 4 pm - 5:30 pm | BMT 01046

Plenary discussion: AI tools in teaching
November 8th, 2023 | 12 pm - 2 pm | HS I, Rechbauerstraße 12

Talks: Vladimir Bozovic and Veljko Milutinov
November 9th, 2024, | 2:15 pm | HS FSI 1 "Magna Steyr Hörsaal" (FSEG054), Inffeldgasse 11

Faculty Day 2023
November 13th, 2023 | 3 pm | Aula Alte Technik

Talk: Prof. Jan Faigl
"Autonomous Navigation of Ground Vehicles in Subterranean and Field Environments"

November 14th, 2023 | 9:30 am | Seminarrum IGI (IC01074)

Talk: Thomas Schneider
"Recent Advances in Cryptography and Privacy Engineering"

January 15th, 2024, | 4 pm | SR DHEG045 (Data House)

Faculty News

“Sustainability in Computer Science“ - The new public lecture series in Austria
Be part of the new public online lecture series on SUSTAINABILITY IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, starting this winter semester.
More information and access to the zoom link.
TU Graz students can register to get credits for LV 705.222 “Selected Topics of Science, Technology and Society (Sustainability in Computer Science)” via TUGonline.
Depending on your study program, the lecture series is a free elective or a “Wahlmodul (in CS, SEM and ICE)".

What are the 10 books that every computer scientist must read?

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New Social Media Channels for the Master’s study program CSS

Jobs, Grants, Open Calls


University Professor of Computer Science (m/f/d)

University Professor of Human Computer Interaction (m/f/d)

University Professor of Foundations of Computer Science (m/f/d)



Academic Staff

PHD Position (m/f/d) in Research Teaching in Computer Science, Group Leader Wolfgang Slany

PHD Position (m/f/d) in Research Teaching in Computer Science, Group Leader Martin Ebner

PHD Position (m/f/d) in Research Teaching in Computer Science, Group Leader Gerald Steinbauer-Wagner

PHD Position (m/f/d) at the Institute of Software Technology


Project Assistant / PhD Position (m/f/d) in the field of Robotics

Student Project Assistant at the Institute of Software Technology




Grants, Open Calls

Scholarship David-Herzog-Fond
The aim of David-Herzog-Fond grants has always been and continues to be the promotion and support of intercultural understanding and learning - especially with regard to Jewish culture. The David-Herzog-Fond supports the work of scientists, students and artists through four program tracks and is supported by all Styrian universities since it was established in 2005.
Deadline: Submission is possible at any time
The management board decides every six months on applications received (June and December).

Double Degree Programm with the University of Ljubljana
Did you know that? Another possibility to gain experience abroad and as a bonus you'll get two degrees.

CIRCLE - High Potenzial Programm
Support programme is aimed at recipients of merit-based scholarships
Application deadline: 26.11.2023


External Offers

Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH

PH Steiermark
Development and evaluation of an augmented reality app as a learning technology
Teacher Empowerment for Artificial Intelligence

Doctoral Examinations

Info: Candidates can take the final examination (presentation and oral exam) online via video conference call (e.g. Webex) if all parties involved agree. The requirement of publicity can be ensured as follows: Candidates may distribute the meeting link; requests to participate in the video exam can also be sent by e-mail to the chairperson of the exam commission.


Lüftenegger Reinhard
Algebraic Analysis of Arithmetization-Friendly Cryptographic Primitives
Tuesday, 31. October 2023 | 10 am | DHEG054

Mukhtar Adil
Advancing Spreadsheet Quality Assurance: A Novel Fault Localization Approach, User-Centric Evaluations of Explainable Faults, and Tool Over-reliance
Friday, 03. November 2023 | 2 pm | SR IST

Bobic Aleksandar
Verbesserung von Retrieval und Analytik Prozessen durch dynamische Schema-basierte Netzwerkrepräsentationen und Interaktionen
Friday, 03 November 2023 | tba

Jakovljevic Igor
Information Retrieval and Information Consumption in Multidimensional Information Space for Push Notification Systems
Friday, 03 November 2023 | tba

Mlakar Daniel
Trust and Privacy in a Heterogeneous World
Thursday, 30. November 2023 | 11 am | tba

More Stefan Josef
Trust and Privacy in a Heterogeneous World
Thursday, 30. November 2023 | 10 am | webex

Walch Roman
Improving Efficient Computation on Private Data
Monday, 16. January 2024 | 9 am | DHEG054

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