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[NEW]  2. Siemens CKI Talk 2020
14 December, 11:00 - 12:30, online
In the second virtual CKI Talk everything will revolve around the topic "Internet of Things (IoT)". After the keynote speech by Dr. Thomas Scheiter, Head of Technology Field IoT, you will have the opportunity to discuss with him and his colleague Claudia Windisch (Siemens Technology, Graz) as well as Vice Rector Horst Bischof and Kay Uwe Römer (among others head of the TU Graz Lead Project "Dependable IoT").
Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to exchange views with Siemens colleagues at virtual bar tables, including on career options at Siemens.
Due to the limited number of participants, we kindly ask you to register quickly by e-mail to christine.schichler@tugraz.at, the participation information will be sent to you in time.

It's Not About Girls, It's About Science and Science Teaching
15 December, 16:00 - 17:45, online
[in German language] Vortrag von Aigner-Rollett-Gastprofessorin Ilse Bartosch, Physikdidaktikerin am Didaktikzentrum für Naturwissenschaften & Mathematik im SoSe 2020, Uni Graz über die vielfältigen Ursachen der Geschlechterasymmetrien in den mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlich-technischen Fächern.

Faculty News

New logos designed by our first year students
For the first time this year, we challenged our first semester students to design a logo for their respective study programme. We had a lot of great entries, but unfortunately only one could be chosen per programme. The best ones were also printed as stickers. Congratulations to the winners of 2020!

Newsletter Holiday Break
The CSBME Newsletter will be on Holiday Break from 16 December 2020 to 12 January 2021. We wish you all calm and refreshing days, see you again in 2021!

Jobs, Grants, Open Calls

Academic Staff

Project staff for the field of artificial intelligence (AI) Education for young people and the general public at the Institute of Software Technology (IST).
Apply until 11 December 2020.

2 Senior Lecturers at the Institute of Software Technology (IST).
Apply until 16 December 2020.

[NEW]  University Assistant (pre doc) at the Institute of Innovation and Industry Management (IIM).
Apply until 07 January 2021.

[NEW]  PhD Student in Experimental Biomechanics at the Institute of Biomechanics.
Apply until 14 February 2021

[NEW]  PhD Student in Experimental Biomechanics including image analysis and modeling at the Institute of Biomechanics.
Apply until 14 February 2021

PhD / Postdoc position for Research on Interpretable Deep Learning and Brain Modelling at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science (IGI).
Apply now! Project running until March 2023.

PhD Position on Novel Computing Concepts at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science (IGI).
Apply now! Project running since 01 October 2020.



General Staff

[NEW]  Junior Marketing Manager at the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering.
Apply until 06 January 2021.




External Offers



University Assistant (pre doc) for Digital Transformation at DINAMA - University of Graz.
Apply until 30 December 2020.

Research Assistant with Doctorate for the FFG project BioKollAvoid at the University of Graz.
Apply until 10 January 2021.



Grants, Open Calls


Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence 2020
The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program was established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract top foreign students to enroll in their masters and PhD programs. Apply until 08 January 2021.

[NEW]  Call for proposals: CYD Fellowships – A Talent Program for Cyber-Defence Research
To promote research and education in cyber-defence, the EPFL and the Cyber-Defence (CYD) Campus have jointly launched the “CYD Fellowships – A Talent Program for Cyber-Defence Research.” The third call for proposals is now open with a rolling call for Master Thesis Fellowship applications, and with a deadline of 15 February 2021 (17:00 CET) for Doctoral and Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship applications.

Doctoral Examinations

Info: Candidates can take the final examination (presentation and oral exam) online via video conference call (e.g. Webex) if all parties involved agree. The requirement of publicity can be ensured as follows: Candidates may distribute the meeting link; requests to participate in the video exam can also be sent by e-mail to the chairperson of the exam commission.

Mohammad Chegini – tba
10 December, 15:00, WebEx

Franz Scherr – Learning from rewards and with priors in recurrent networks of artificial and spiking neurons
15 December, 15:30, WebEx

Okan Erat – Image-Based Modeling and Rendering for Telepresence in Remote Exploration Scenarios
16 December, 13:30, WebEx

Christian Payer – Integrating Spatial Configuration of Anatomical Structures into Convolutional Neural Networks
17 December, 17:00, WebEx

Hermann Felbinger – tba
22 December, 13:30, WebEx

Lin Shao – tba
11 January, 15:00, SR CGV

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