• Thank you!

    Graz University of Technology hosted the IX Unite! Dialogue from 27 to 29 February 2024. Thanks to all participants for fruitful discussions, as well as your hard work and dedication to bring Unite! forward.

  • IX Unite! Dialogue

    Graz University of Technology hosted the IX Unite! Dialogue from 27 to 29 February 2024. The Unite! community came together under the motto “Think Beyond: Unite! for Collective and Sustainable Impact”.

  • Campus Inffeldgasse

    The IX Unite! Dialogue was held at TU Graz Campus Inffeldgasse (link). It is the largest of the three campuses by Graz University of Technology.



The IX Unite! Dialogue brought together representatives from all nine Unite! partner universities in Graz, Austria’s second largest city and home to Graz University of Technology. Faculty, staff, students, and decision-makers came together to network, collaborate and discuss the sustainable future of the European University.

The theme "Think beyond: Unite! For Collective and Sustainable Impact" points out the forward-looking approach within the Unite! alliance, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts for a sustainable impact in European education, research & innovation. It encourages the community to explore innovative solutions, foster collective thinking, and work together to address challenges, contributing to a lasting positive impact on the higher educational landscape, research & innovation and society as a whole.

During the Dialogue, all participants had the opportunity to engage in various working group meetings. In addition to these, the IX Unite! Dialogue featured transversal and plenary sessions that provided a comprehensive overview of the Alliance’s communities, their focus areas and ongoing projects.


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