Keynote speakers

Prof. Sławomir Hausman

Technical University of Lodz (Poland)

Title: Optimal synthesis of metamaterials for 5G and 6G wireless communication

Metamaterials are engineered materials with properties beyond what we encounter in nature. They thus allow unique and previously unattainable interactions between waves and matter. The talk will present current research in this area. It will focus on applications to contemporary (5G) and next-generation (6G and beyond) wireless communication systems.

Current wireless systems already use millimetre waves and will probably also use sub-Terahertz waves by the decade's end. These new, high-frequency bands will open exciting venues to develop novel wireless transmission techniques and scenarios. The talk will discuss physical insights into various electromagnetic metamaterial classes, e.g., all-dielectric effective media and resonating meta-atom structures. It will aim at explaining how they can manipulate electromagnetic waves. The presented application examples will include artificial magnetic conductors, antennas, and intelligent reflecting surfaces.

Modern antenna design benefits significantly from the intense development of new optimisation/improvement approaches and algorithms. Therefore, the talk will also explore various metamaterial optimisation strategies and computational electromagnetic modelling methods inherited from the design of conventional microwave devices and systems, e.g. antennas and body area networks. Finally, the presentation will highlight challenges and emerging open questions specific to the synthesis of metamaterials.


Dr. Peter Gangl

Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics, Linz (Austria)

Title: Topology optimisation of electric machines: quest for global optima

It is well-known that real-world topology optimisation problems often exhibit multiple local minima and that derivative-based methods are prone to getting stuck in a possibly suboptimal local solution. We present a way of computing multiple locally optimal solutions to topology optimisation at the computational cost of only several runs of a derivative-based algorithm. Finally, we illustrate the method for the design optimization of a two-pole synchronous reluctance machine.


Dr. Bharath Rao

Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien (Austria)

Title: Electricity Grid Optimization in Local Energy Communities for Grid Support

Grid reinforcement is coming. Meanwhile, it is essential to manage the power grid optimally to ensure good power quality. Intelligent power grid management by efficiently distributing grid capacity among customer assets in a low voltage distribution grid, taking into account intermittent distributed energy resources and emerging loads, could be an approach.


17th International Workshop on Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism 2023


Graz University of Technology
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