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Childcare & Babys

An email has been sent out in April related to the possibility of using TU Graz childcare facilities during the conference days. Please note that childcare will be available at the "Nanoversity - FleKi" of TU Graz, located at Petersgasse 136, 8010 Graz. Registration for childcare closes by April 30th 2018. If you have an urgent need for childcare after this point in time, please contact the organizers directly via email. Note, there will be "a silent place" to take care of babys opposite of the checkroom at the conference venue (groundfloor of the Congress Graz). Also, most large shops in Graz typically offer a "silent place" (e.g., 4th floor at "Kastner & Öhler") - simply ask for "Wickelraum" or "Stillraum"!