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How to get there

Graz has an airport, is integrated into Austria's train & coach network, and is also easy to reach by car. Graz Tourismus offers and overview on how to get to Graz (CLICK HERE).

Things to consider...

  • There is "Grazathlon" (a sports event directly in the city center) in Graz on Saturday, June 9th 2018 (late afternoon to night). Thus, there might be issues getting around in the city center (around main square) with public transport and taxi since roads might be blocked. This may be the case already on Friday, June 8th, due to pre-events and build-up.
  • June offers generally nice weather in Graz (min. Temp.: 12 °C, max. Temp.: 23°C, 11 rainy days on average).
  • Graz is great for walking and biking. For longer distances you may want to take the tram. Note, the tram is FREE in the inner city (main to Jakomini square + 1 Stop, see the "Altstadtbim" sticker).