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Business Meeting Location

Rechbauerstraße 12 (foto copyright TU Graz)

The CAPE Business meeting is for invited participants only.

The starting time is 10:30 a.m.

The location of the business meeting is lecture hall "HS II" in TU Graz' main building in Rechbauerstraße 12. The lecture hall is located in the basement (just walk down the stairs after arriving at Rechbauerstraße 12).

Business Meeting Location

In case of nice weather, you simply may want to walk to the business meeting location (1.3 km from Graz main square/Congress). Alternatively, you may want to take the tram to "Kaiser-Josef-Platz/Oper" (this is a "Altstadtbim" stop, so it would be a free ride when coming from the city center! 500 m walking distance). In case of rain, you may want to take the tram to the nearest tram stops "Rechbauerstraße", "Maiffredygasse", or "Mandellstraße" (200 m walking distance).

For tram stop “Rechbauerstraße” take tram line 3, for “"Maiffredygasse” tram line 1 and 7. Note, tram lines 1, 3, and 7 connect directly to "Hauptplatz"/Congress, and  “Hauptbahnhof”/main station. A map of public transport is available HERE.

This is a SITE PLAN of Rechbauerstraße 12. Simply take the north (=main) entrance of the building. Walk down the stairs to the basement.

THIS IS A LINK to the building plan (basement of Rechbauerstraße 12). The red dot marks the location of the business meeting.