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What to do after the Conference?

Graz offers a number of touristic attractions, which are summarized HERE (CLICK).

Some of the cultural events before/during/after ESCAPE28:

  • There will be plenty of cultural events in Graz. For an overview CHECK HERE.
  • A large sportive event, the "Grazathlon", will take place before the conference on June 9th.
  • In the evening after the conference on Monday and Tuesday (7.45 p.m.), there will be a classical music concert directly at the venue!
  • There is a big electronic music festival kicking-off on June 13th in Graz.  

Altstadtbim (Free Tram in the City Center)

Free travel with the tram is available on the following tramlines and only between the following stops:

  • Lines 1+7: Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus – Hauptplatz/Congress – Jakominiplatz – Kaiser-Josef-Platz/Oper
  • Lines 3+6: Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus – Hauptplatz/Congress – Jakominiplatz – Dietrichsteinplatz
  • Lines 4+5: Schloßbergplatz/Murinsel – Hauptplatz/Congress – Jakominiplatz – Finanzamt
  • Line 13: Dietrichsteinplatz – Jakominiplatz – Finanzamt
  • Line 26: Jakominiplatz – Dietrichsteinplatz

Larger dogs are also traveling free for these stops. Bus services are NOT included in this initiative. For details see

Graz Tourismus