ESAT 2022 will be held at the Hotel Weitzer. Hotel Weitzer is traditional hotel in the city center right next to the old town of Graz. It is easily accessible from the airport and railway station by public transport.

The hotel has adorned the cityscape of Graz for more than a hundred years. Opened in 1910, it has been managed by the Weitzer family for four generations.

After a complete modernization in 2013, it is fully equipped and perfect for holding a conference.

For further information please visit the homepage of Hotel Weitzer.

If you are staying at the Hotel Daniel or the Grand Hotel Wiesler you can look up your way to the Hotel Weitzer on these pictures.

Grand Hotel Wiesler to Hotel Weitzer:

Hotel Daniel to Hotel Weitzer:


Accommodation for the participants will be at Hotel Weitzer , Hotel Daniel and Grand Hotel Wiesler. Rooms will be allocated automatically upon registration for the event including accommodation.

Hotel Weitzer, as the chosen venue for the event, is of course ideal for accommodation. Participants are accommodated at the location of the event and thus save on otherwise necessary travel distances. More detailed information about the hotel can be found on the homepage of Hotel Weitzer.

Grand Hôtel Wiesler has had its doors open to guests from all over the world since 1909. The traditional hotel is located right next to the old town of Graz and offers constantly improving rooms. The hotel is only 150 m from the venue and easy to reach on foot. More detailed information can be found on the homepage of Grand Hôtel Wiesler.

Hotel Daniel is located directly next to the main station of Graz. After its destruction during the Second World War, it was rebuilt in the style of the 1950s.
The hotel is directly connected to public transport and therefore only 7 minutes away from the venue. More detailed information can be found on the homepage of Hotel Daniel.

If you are interested in discovering more about the city of Graz or the beautiful region of Styria, please visit Region Graz or the Styrian Tourism Portal.


Local Organizing Committee TU Graz

Inffeldgasse 25 C
8010 Graz