1. Advances in polysaccharide analysis, extraction and characterization

  • Session organizers: Antje Potthast, Anton Huber, Henk Schols, Manuel Coimbra, Julien Navarro
  • Keynote speakers: 
    • Harald Pasch, title: Advanced tools for molecular characterization of biobased and biodegradable polymers
    • Laura Nyström,  title: Complementary methodologies for detecting weak interactions of neutral soluble polysaccharides 


2. Challenges and progress in polysaccharide chemistry

  • Session organizers: Martin Gericke, Thomas Rosenau, Kevin Edgar,
    Yoshinobu Tsujii
  • Keynote speaker: 
    • Hiroshi Kamitakahara, title: Design, synthesis, and functions of cellulosic diblock copolymers: from organic chemistry to biomass refinery


3. Progress in bulk, surface and interfacial interactions of polysaccharides through experimental and computational methods

  • Session organizers: Wim Thielemans, Isabelle Capron, Ali Khodayari,
    Hubert Hettegger, Katja Heise
  • Keynote speakers: 
    • Peter Fischer, title: Structure and rheology of stimuli-responsive nanocellulose interfacial layers
    • Yu Ogawa, title: Drying-induced structural modifications of nanocelluloses: 4D STEM and molecular dynamics simulation study 


 4. Emerging polysaccharide based (nano)materials

  • Session organizers: Stefan Spirk, Anna Roig Serra, Magnus Norgren,
    Silvia Vignolini 
  • Keynote speakers:
    •  Katariina Torvinen, title: Emerging bio-based solutions in wearable and energy storage applications
    • Tobias Keplinger, title: Desing of Smart High-Performance Cellulose Materials based  on Wood


 5. Polysaccharide gels, porous materials, emulsions  

  • Session organizers: Tatiana Budtova, Falk Liebner, Bernard Cathala,
    Henrikki Liimatainen
  • Keynote speakers: 
    • Kirsi Mikkonen, title: Transforming hemicelluloses' distinctive properties to unique benefits 
    • Christophe Chassenieux, title: Stabilization of water in water emulsions and their use as precursors of porous hydrogels and microgels


 6. Polysaccharides in food and nutrition 

  • Session organizers: Laura Nyström, Gleb Yakubov, Maija Tenkanen, Caio Otoni
  • Keynote speaker:


 7. Polysaccharides in medical and pharmaceutical applications

  • Session organizers: Rupert Kargl, Carmen Freire, Pietro Matricardi,
    Sylvia Colliec-Jouault, Wu Jiang-Yong
  • Keynote speakers: 
    • Petra Kotzbeck, title: Bacterial nanocellulose and its implications in wound healing and skin regeneration
    • Nicola Tirelli,  title: Knowns and unknowns in hyaluronic acid interactions with it's main receptor (CD44) 


 8. Composites, textiles and fiber network structures

  • Session organizers: Nicolas LeMoigne, Avinash Manian, Ulrich Hirn, Tadahisa Iwata, Jörg Müssig
  • Keynote speakers: 
    • Kristiina Oksman, title: Bio-based nanomaterials and their use in composites 
    • Robert Pelton, title: Analyzing polymer adsorption isothermes on porous wood pulp fibers


 9. Interactions of plant cell wall polymers

  • Session organizers: Tiina Nypelö, Chunlin Xu, Johnny Beaugrand
  • Keynote speakers:
    •  Paul Dupree, title: Polysaccharide structure influences the interactions with lignin and cellulose in plant cell walls
    • Herman Höfte, title: Polymer interactions underlying plant cell wall assembly 


10. Polysaccharides in a sustainable and circular economy

  • Session organizers: Marco Beaumont, Li Shen, Blaise Tardy, Kristin Syverud, Elisabete Frollini
  • Keynote speakers:
    •  Herbert Sixta, title: Novel sustainable wood fractionation process for the production of high-quality products from the separated polysaccharides 
    • Julien Bras, title: High performance and recyclable cellulosic materials as an alternative solution in packaging within a sustainable and circular economy 
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