Round Table Event

EPNOE Conference 2023 introduces, for the first time, round table event with four leading networks under the umbrella topic “circular bioeconomy”.

The round table event will be chaired by Pedro Fardim (KU Leuven, President of EPNOE) and Karin Stana Kleinschek (TU Graz, Vice-President of EPNOE).

Four introdutory lectures will give an overview on the biomass use in different world regions. Josef R. Wünsch, BASF Senior Vice President, Chairman of the SusChem, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry will open the event.

Four parallel round table disscussions will follow.

The results of the discussions and opinions will be summarized in a statement paper which will be communicated to relevant stakeholders and the main public. 

Networks at EPNOE 2023 Round Table Event:

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Round table event speakers

Round table moderators 

September 21, 2023