All original works presented at CVWW 2019 are published online with the "Verlag der TU Graz" as a fully open-access electronic volume (with ISBN and DOIs for individual papers).

The DOI of the full proceedings is 10.3217/978-3-85125-652-9 and the ISBN 978-3-85125-652-9.

The published individual papers are also linked in the online program

Call for Papers

Perspective authors are invited to submit their novel work until 16.12.2018 as ​full papers​​ (6 - 8 pages, A4 format). All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer-review process by the programme committee. Accepted papers will be published online with "Verlag der TU Graz" in a fully open-access electronic volume (with ISBN, and DOIs for individual papers).

A special category is the ​out-of-proceedings papers​​. Such papers will receive a feedback from experts (reviewers) and based on the feedback they can be accepted
as invited talks. Out-of-proceedings papers will not appear on the internet or in the proceedings. Consequently, there will be no restrictions on submitting of the work elsewhere.

The general topics of the workshop are (not limited to):

  • Pattern recognition

  • Computer Vision

  • Object detection, recognition

  • Object categorization

  • 3D vision, stereo and structure from motion

  • Scene modeling & understanding

  • Image and video retrieval

  • Video analysis & event recognition

  • Statistical methods and learning

  • Optimization
  • Motion & tracking

  • Cognitive vision

  • Face & gesture analysis

  • Medical image processing

  • Performance evaluation

  • Biometrics

  • Safety and security

  • Embedded compute vision

Call for Papers

Full Proceedings 

Call for Papers as PDF.