Project Members

Oliver T. Hofmann
Project Leader

Associate Professsor @ TU Graz

Andreas Jeindl
PhD Student

  • Structure Determination and Prediction
  • Phase Diagrams and Phase Transformations
  • Physical Insight

Anna Werkovits
PhD Student

  • Adsorbate Kinetics: Barriers & Rates 
  • Phase Transitions
  • Growth Processes

Bernhard Ramsauer
PhD Student

  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Automated Experiements
  • Scanning Tunnneling Micropscopy

Lukas Hörmann
PhD Student

  • Surfaces Structure Search
  • Polymorphism and Metastable Structures
  • Phase Diagrams and Phase Transitions
  • Adsorption Processes of Organic Molecules
  • Incommensurate Layers

Richard Berger
PhD Student

  • Surface anchored metal organic frameworks
  • Ab-inito surface structure determination
  • Electronic structure at metal/organic interfaces

Fabio Calcinelli
PhD Student

  • Modelling of Organic Thin Films
  • Prediction of Charge mobilities
  • Polymorphism at Inorganic/Organic Interfaces
  • Structure Search of Surface Multilayers

Johannes Cartus
PhD Student

  • High-Throughput Calculations
  • Symbolic Regression
  • Influence of Electric Fields and Solvents on Polymorph Formation

Robbin Steentjes
Master Student

  • Isolated molecules on surfaces
  • Potential energy surfaces

Oliver T. Hofmann
Institute of Solid State Physics
Graz University of Technology
tel: ++43 316 873 8475