Past events

  • TU Graz organized a workshop on Standards towards an active and sustainable data exchange on 14th June 2021 including a discussion from quality managers, technical writers, data management experts and various researchers and users, the summary can be found here.
  • The last workshop on Secure data maangement for cross-organizational data exchange was held in May on advancing topics on services and technical infrastrutcture, a report can be downloaded here.
  • IDE@S advisory board meet on March 30th for the first time. The project was presented to the board members, followed by a discussion of its goals and the interests and expectations of the board.
  • Around 20 experts from research institutions and businesses in Styria participated in the workshop Multi-stakeholder initiatives in Styrian data ecosystem on March 25th, moderated by Claire Jean-Quartier (TU Graz). The discussion is part of the work to be carried out in work package 3, which seeks to map the available resources and explore the desired further development of the technical infrastructure for a collaborative data environment. A short summary of the workshop can be found here; a full account of the session is available in German.

  • On 9th March 2021 a virtual round table on the future challenges for human resources in the era of data science and cloud computing (continuation of the November event) took place, organised by FH JOANNEUM as part of the online “PARTNER & Career DAY”.
  • IDE@S Kick-off Online Workshop, with over 50 participants from research, businesses and public adminstration, together with members of the project's advisory board, took place on February 3rd. After welcome by Prof. Claudia von der Linden, TU Graz' vice rector for Digitalisation and Change Management, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt (project leader) described the background and aims of the project, followed by brief introduction by the project partners of the teams and the specific goals and roadmap for the months ahead. The full presentation is available here (in German). In the subsequent panel discussion, Manuela Weissenbeck (Land Steiermark), Patrick Ratheiser (LeftshiftOne) and Bernd Tschapeller (Joanneum Research) under moderation by project coordinator Sarah Stryeck described the importance of data in their everyday tasks and the evolution and challenges that can be expected in the future.
  • FH JOANNEUM opened the series of workshops in IDE@S on November 27th with a focus group of experts on Humane resources: Challenges in data science & cloud computing in tomorrow's job market, moderated by team members Mag. Raphaele Raab and Mag. Hildegard Liebl.
  • The internal project Kick-off took place on September 21st 2020 at TU Graz.
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Contact details

Dr Miguel Rey Mazón (, Project manager

Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science (ISDS)

Haus der Digitalisierung, Brockmanngasse 84, 8010 Graz

Graz University of Technology