• Investigate the smallest of features with spatial resolution down to 600 nm – A state-of-the-art nano-focus x-ray source, precision stages, and high-quality detectors work together to deliver sub-micron resolution imaging.
  • Perform true 4D imaging with Dynamic CT – High temporal resolution, continuous and uninterrupted scanning, and specialized 4D software tools bring synchrotron-like capabilities to the lab
  • Implement 3D in situ experiments – continuous sample rotation and scanning enable uninterrupted in situ experiments. Dedicated “no-cable-wrap” interfaces simplify experiment set-up
  • Accommodate a broad range of samples – UniTOM HR’s high power source (50W), multiple detector options (up to 3) and heavy load stage (45 kg) accommodates samples up to 500 mm diameter X 700 mm high.
  • Maximize system utilization and throughput – A fast frame rate detector and a high flux x-ray source combine for high temporal resolution tomography giving you the ability to scan more samples and accommodate more users.


  • Tailored to your applications Max flexibility and throughput at high resolution
  • Sub-micron resolution True spatial resolutions down to 500 nm and ability to handle various samples sizes up to 40 cm in diameter and 50 cm in height
  • Intuitive volume of interest selection Real-time zooming in on selected regions based on the overview image
  • Modular setup concept Ultimate modularity allows for ultimate experiment design flexibility upgrades, multi detector and multi sources
  • In situ integration kit Comprehensive hardware and software tools to facilitate the installation and control of peripheral equipment
  • Advanced sample mounting kit Large base plate with a grid pattern for mounting various setups, Clamp system for large samples, Kinematic mount plates. allowing max reproducibility and automated image registration, Gutter pattern to contain the spillage of fluids during in situ experiments