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Open PhD Possitions:

Open topics for scientific work are listed with our vacancies. If you are interested in other topics, do not hesitate to contact a person responsible for the particular field of research.

Current PhD Thesis: 

Working title Contact
Improvement in efficiency of an NH3/H2O absorption heat pump with a refrigerant cooled flue gas heat exchanger Wagner
Development and validation of a detailed numeric model for biomass fluidized bed gasification Von Berg
Heat pumps using alternative working fluids Verdnik
Modelling of absorption chillers / absorption heat pumps Wernhart
Degradation monitoring and performance optimisation of solid oxide electrolysis cells Königshofer
Numerical simulation of the heat transfer in high-temperature processes and in porous media using the lattice Boltzmann method Landl
Furnace control by combined algorithms Langbauer
Development of a biomass gasifier for alternative fuels Zachl
Investigation and optimization of solid oxide fuel cells for application in agroindustry Höber
Numerische und experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Phosphorrückgewinnung aus Klärschlamm Ortner
Induktive Erwärmung von Blech- und Karosserieteilen Gergely
Numerical investigation to determine important transport processes in steam sterilizers Pletzer
Numerical Analysis of H2/CH4 Combustion Processes for the Decarbonization of Industrial High-Temperature Processes Daurer
Development of a new multifuel biomass boiler with zero emission concept Steiner
Thermisch-elektrische Modellierung und Transformation von Quartier-Energiesysteme am Beispiel Innovation District Inffeld Mörth
Füllmengenminimierung bei Kälteanlagen - Auswirkung auf Leistung und Effizienz Pertiller
HyTechonomy - Hydrogen Technologies for Sustainable Economies Mütter


Completed PhD thesis of our students: 

A full list of completed PhD theses from our students is available via TUGRAZonline.


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