At the Institute of Thermal Engineering research is done in a huge laboratory as well as by numerical investigations. Using modern simulation software enables the virtual examination of various tasks in a highly professional way. Examples for different projects are the simulation of the combustion of melting and annealing furnaces or examining the heat management of different systems. Moreover, computing the chemical reactions occurring inside a SOFC- fuel-cell or while the gasification process of biomass is analysid and optimized.

The laboratory provides enough space and possibilities for professional test rig design (up to 5 MW). The main focus is laid on the development of boilers and furnaces, the gasification process of various combustible materials as well as on the gas treatment. All projects are supported by industrial partners.

CFD Simulation Gas Turbine

In the last years new aspects within Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning have been established. At the moment the R&D work focuses on compression and absorption heat pumping systems as well as on environmentally more friendly mobile air-conditioning systems, in close cooperation with the competence centre “The Virtual Vehicle”.

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The division “Energy-Efficient Buildings” works out energy strategies and software solutions for the evaluation and optimization of buildings. Through the interdisciplinary cooperation with the Institutes of Architecture and Construction Engineering, for example at the research association “Multifunctional PLUG & PLAY Facades” and in various standardization, committees, energy-efficient solutions for new buildings and solutions for building conditions are worked out.

The division “Thermal Energy Systems and Biomass” deals with the development and testing of innovative technologies for decentralized power and heat generation. Technologies for CHP with gasification technologies and fuel cells are mainly processed experimentally. A core theme hereby is the generation of so-called Second Generation Fuels out of biomass with an innovative gasification technology – the Heatpipe Reformer – and technologies for hot gas processing.

The division “bioenergy, clean and sustainable systems” conducts experimental and numerical research on thermo-chemical biomass conversion and its integration into renewable bioenergy and biorefinery concepts. The group is a key scientific partner of the Austrian biomass competence centre BIOENERGY 2020+ and has a close collaboration with national and international research groups and industrial partners in the bioenergy sector.

In October 2011 the "DI Hochegger Research Foundation for innovative energy systems" was founded as a subdivision at the Institute. In this context research and development projects of the Institute are supported.


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