The experimental research takes place in the institute's own laboratory. Several experimental test rigs at different scales, ranging from laboratory scale to semi-industrial scale, are available. The core competencies of the Institute of Thermal Engineering also include high performance computing with focus on combustion processes, heat transfer as well as computational chemistry and physics. The simulations are carried out and evaluated using the latest simulation software.

The Institute of Thermal Engineering has a very large laboratory with an area of 1700 m² and an in-house workshop. The laboratory offers space and possibilities for professional test bench setups (several heat sources and heat sinks up to 5 MW are available). The research focus covers a wide range of research topics including the development of boilers, furnaces and stoves, the gasification of various fuels, gas cleaning, absorption and compression heat pumps and high temperature fuel cells as well as electrolysis cells. All projects are supported by industrial partners or carried out in cooperation with national and international research partners.

Research Focus

  • Development of energy strategies and software solutions for the evaluation and optimization of buildings
  • Investigation and optimization of the combustion and gasification of biomass
  • Optimization of high temperature processes (combustion, heat management, exhaust gas aftertreatment)
  • Experimental and numerical studies of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC)
  • Development of compression and absorption refrigeration systems and heat pumps
  • Development of environmentally friendly car air conditioning systems (in cooperation with the research center VIRTUAL VEHICLE)

You can find detailed information on the individual research priorities and projects on the respective working group pages.


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