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TU Graz
1881Foundation of the Joanneum (Technical academy) by Archduke Johann
1864State as Technical University (of the province Styria)
1874“Imperially-Royally Technical University in Graz” (public)
1888Opening of the new building Rechbauerstraße
1901Right to award doctorates
1921–1935New building Kopernikusgasse



New building Inffeldgasse


Institute of Thermal Engineering
1921Institute for Steam Boiler Engineering, Rotor Steam Engines, Locomotive Engineering
1925Institute for Steam Boiler Engineering, Rotor Steam Engines, Locomotive Engineering, Load Winding Engines 
1928Emigration of the Institute from the Old Technical University (Rechbauerstraße) to the New Technical University (Kopernikusgasse)
1931Connection of the power and heat supply station and of the central shop to the Institute
1941Chair for Rotor- and Steam Power Engines
1944Demolition of the whole middle wing of the New Technical University on the 1st of November. Evacuation of facilities to Gstatterboden (upper Styria)
1947Institute for Steam Boiler, Rotor Steam Engines, Locomotive Engineering
1951Institute for Rotor Steam Engines and Thermal Engineering
1960Institute for Steam Engineering, Heat Economy, and Locomotive Engineering
1969Institute for Steam Engineering and Heat Economy
1972Teaching podium and Institute for Steam Boiler Engines, Reactor Engineering, and Heat Economy



Institute of Thermal Engineering with two departments

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Technologies
  • Thermotechnical Metrology and Engineering Research
1985Relocation from the Kopernikusgasse to the Inffeldgasse




Structuring of the Institute of Thermal Engineering into three divisions

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