Josef Krainer Appreciation Award

The "Josef Krainer Appreciation Award" 2024 was presented on 21th March 2024 in the auditorium of the Old University in Graz in a festive setting. Governor Christopher Drexler, Gerald Schöpfer (chairman of the Josef Krainer-Styrian Memorial Society) and Dorothea Jaufer, daughter of Josef Krainer Sr., awarded our scientist Vanja Subotić with the Josef Krainer Appreciation Award 2024 during the event.

© Foto: Land Steiermark/Robert Binder

Dr. Maria-Schaumayer-Recognition Award

© Photo: Schaumayer Foundation

Vanja Subotić received the Dr. Maria-Schaumayer-Recognition Award on 30th January 2024 for her habilitation with the title "High-temperature solid oxide fuel cells and electrolysers. Operation reliability, state-of-the-health diagnostic, degradation, degradation mitigation, performance regeneration and optimization".

Award of Excellence

The "Award of Excellence" for the best Dissertations received:

Gernot Pongratz: "New insights into the use of product gas from biomass gasification in solid oxide fuel cells via experimental and numerical approaches" (2022), 

Bernhard Stöckl: "The electrochemical conversion of carbon monoxide and ammonia solid oxide fuel cells" (2020), 

Vanja Subotić: "Detection of carbon depositions and development of novel regeneration approaches for solid oxide fuel cells" (2017)

Energy Globe Award

© Johannes Gellner

In 2022, the Energy Globe Styria Award and the Energy Globe Austria Award for the project „Integration of a high-temperature heat pump for waste heat utilization" is awarded to Ennstal Milch KG, Engie Kältetechnik GmbH and the Institute of Thermal Engineering (René Rieberer und Philipp Wagner) at TU Graz.

OVE Energy Technology Prize

Bernhard Stöckl receives the OVE Energy Technology Prize for his dissertation entitled "Elektrochemical conversion of carbon monoxide and ammonia in solid oxide fuel cells" in 2021.

Josef-Krainer Promotion Award

© Foto Fischer

In 2019, Vanja Subotić receives the Josef-Krainer Promotion Award for her scientific  wissenschaftlichen achievements.

Student Award

Lukas Von Berg receives the Student Award 2019 at the 27th "European Biomass Conference & Exhibition" in Lisbon / Portugal.

Smart Energy Systems Award

In 2017, Thomas Mach receives the "Smart Energy Systems Award" for the RESEARCH STUDIO AUSTRIA "EnergySimCity".

Young Author Award and Funding Prize of TU Graz

© / D. Mikkelsen

In 2024, Daniel Reiner receives the "Young Author Award and Funding Prize of TU Graz" for his work "Investigation of the reforming of industrial exhaust gases to produce high-purity synthesis gas for the production of e-fuels".

In 2018, Philipp Wagner receives the "Young Author Award and Funding Prize of TU Graz" for his work "Increasing the efficienca of gas-operated absorption heat pumps using a refrigerant-cooled exhaust gas heat exchanger".

In 2016, Vanja Subotić receives the "Young Author Award and Funding Prize of TU Graz" for her work "Solid oxide fuel cells as a promising, environmentally friendly and decentralized energy technology for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency".

VGB Innovation Award

Rabensteiner Markus receives the VGB Innovation Award 2015.

Poster Award for Best Scientific Work

Robert Scharler receives the "Poster Award for Best Scientific Work" at the first World Conference and Exhibition on Biomass for Energy and Industry in Sevilla / Spain in June 2000.

Environmental Protection Awards

Wolfgang Streicher receives the Environmental Protection Award 1989 of the city of Graz and the Environmental Protection Award 1990 of the state of Styria.


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