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For every large construction of Hydraulic Engineering its proper functioning has to be guaranteed instantly. An essential implementation for the detailed design is the hydraulic model test combined with the experience of interpreting its results.

Issues of hydro-morphological nature in rivers, reservoirs and lakes, are likewise insufficiently disclosed with analytical and numerical methods, and thus it has resorted to hydraulic model tests.

Hydraulic research can look back onto a long lasting tradition at Graz University of Technology. Today, with the two laboratories in Stremayrgasse and Inffeldgasse there are approximately 3500m2 of research area at your disposal available. With frequency controlled pumps, model tests up to a discharge of 1000 l/s can be conducted – which enables a very high flexibility. For measurements modern probes like e.g. MID, PIV, ADV, ADCP, highfrequent pressure transducers are used.

In the hydraulic laboratory, more than 350 model tests for river construction, bed load discharge, flood prevention, mitigation measures, assessment of hydraulic losses, as well as testing the hydraulic functionality of construction elements have been conducted since 1964.

The consistent development of the execution of hydraulic model tests in combination with the utilization of numerical methods will also ensure the highest reliability of test results in the future. Aside from the laboratory existing since 1964 on Stremayrgasse there is since 2009 a new laboratory on Inffeldgasse in operation.

Laboratory Manager

Prof. Josef Schneider

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