Hydro Power is the most sustainable energy source. With this renewable, emission free energy source about 70% of Austria’s entire electricity demand can be provided. C02 free Hydro Power substantially contributes to climate protection and welfare to our society.

We use run-of-river plants, utilizing the entire water inflow immediately, and reservoir hydro power plants, able to store water during a certain period and release the water for energy production dependent on demand.

By improving the layout and geometry of civil engineering structures we optimize low head and high head hydro power plants. The hydraulic engineering layout of guiding and retention structures together with their operating devices are our profession.

Reservoir Power Plants serve as Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plants in the most efficient way to store electricity. Therefore, Pumped Storage Schemes are ideally suited to immediate equilibrate energy demand and store electricity produced by Solar and Wind Power Plants; as this carbon free way of energy production isn’t demand related. The long-lasting tradition in Austria utilizing high head pumped storage schemes with future prospects to optimize, rehabilitate existing and construct new plants – for e.g. going underground – contribute significantly to green energy transition.

Pumped Storage Hydro Power Plants are able to switch immediately between electricity production and electricity storage and therefore part of the backbone of stable electricity supply.

Ingenious and mature art of engineering is the basis for hydro power utilization which can be seen at our Institute as well as in our TU-Graz laboratories. We invite you to participate to our passion on Hydro Power and visit us at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management!

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