Project result videos - Product Innoovation 2019/20

Due to Covid-19, the Innovation Festival 2019/20 could not happen. In order to give the students a finale of the project “Product Innovation”, professional videos were shot of their results. The videos of the innovative solutions are available on the IIM Youtube channel.

2020 was a challenging year for the Product Innovation project. COVID-19 took its toll on day-to-day university operations. The project was completely switched to digital mode and the final event, which had been planned to be physical for the time being, was postponed to the fall. The hope of being able to hold a physical event proved to be too optimistic in the end, also in light of the later date.

Despite the difficult circumstances for the students, the commitment and dedication of the product innovation teams were outstanding. We are particularly pleased with the positive feedback from our industry partners and the fact that once again a patent submission resulted from one of the projects. Therefore, it was important for us to provide a worthy final event for the students.

Professional video shot

Instead of presenting their results to a physical audience at the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation, we made it possible for the students to use the stage and the media equipment of the laboratory together with a professional film team. This was of course done in strict compliance with all COIVD19 guidelines. In collaboration with the team from Studio Brighten, the precarious situation was thus used to create another innovation. For the first time, a Product Innovation final event was fully digitally processed and can thus be made sustainably accessible to an even wider audience. Could we arouse your interest in the presentations of our teams? Just take a look at them! You´ll can watch the final videos on youtube anytime via the following Link:

Team ETRIC - AVL List GmbH
For their challenge „Future concepts for trucks utilizing electric driving“ the team thought about the daily life in urban logistics for the near future.

Team Smart Energy - Energie Graz
For their challenge „Smart meters - challenges and solutions in urban areas“ the team delivered concepts how smart meters can change our behavior when it comes to energy usage.

Team Data Flash - Pankl Racing Systems AG
For their challenge „Live data measurements in motorsports and high performance cars“ the team investigated the opportunities that smart parts in motorsports can provide and how to use them.

Team Identification International - voestalpine Böhler Aerospace GmbH & Co KG
For their challenge „Digital recognition of forged aerospace components“ Team developed ways to further improve the safety and neatless documentation for the production of crucial parts within the aerospace industry.

Team Somnic - OMV AG
For their challenge „Automation of the pickling process of corrosional coupons“ the team presents a solution to reduce both work time and frustration for the workers dealing with the preparation of coupons.

Team Soft & Dry - Andritz AG
For their challenge „Optimization of tissue machines“ Team looked at an existing technology - just to find out how it could improve the process of tissue production dramatically with high impact on use of energy ressources.

By the way, in the meantime we started successfully again with six teams into the edition 2020/2021 - read more about it within this newsletter!


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