Reinforcement of the IIM Team

With Marion Unegg and Florian Kulmer, the IIM gains additional competencies in the areas of sustainability and data analytics, due to their industry experience at Saubermacher and McKinsey & Company.

Marion Unegg was previously assistant to the board at Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG for three years. She studied Environmental Systems Science, with an extended stay abroad in New York City, at the University of Graz. As a PhD student, she will be working on sustainability issues for industrial companies within the Innovation working group and is currently conducting a CO2 balance and energy flow analysis for a leading industrial company in Lower Austria. As a balance to her work, Marion Unegg does a lot of sports. Running at the Hilmteich, the gym, contemporary and hip-hop dancing or a paragliding flight over the mountains of Carinthia are among her leisure activities.

Florian Kulmer is a PhD student with a focus on data analytics. He started his career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company after his studies at Graz University of Technology and will start with a research project at the institute as part of his "Leave". The focus of his work is solving business issues in companies by applying Big Data and Advanced Analytics methods. This is the ideal interface to combine his professional experience in strategy consulting with his academic background in Information and Computer Engineering and Economics. He also enjoys running along the river Mur, discovering the Plabutsch by mountain bike, or climbing in the rock faces north of Graz.

We are happy to welcome Marion Unegg and Florian Kulmer as two new PhD students, who complement and extend our know-how and experience. We wish them both all the best.


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