Prof. Brian Cody

In the search for answers to the demands and strategies for spatial, temporal and digital densification that we are facing, this research project will develop vertical structures as a thought model, covering all the necessary infrastructural elements of a society, including energy production, food production and industry. These so-called "hyperbuildings" are not to be understood as solitaires, but rather as individual cells of a complex city model. the hyperbuilding concept envisages structures that have urban areas with a population density similar to that of Manhattan, but which do not require external energy and water supplies, produce no waste, emit no CO2, and rely on little or no external supply. Residential, office and industrial use coexist with parks and areas for agriculture, biomass and energy production. In the overall context, a three-dimensional urban structure emerges, which exhibits urbanity, nature, density and diversity and offers a significant improvement in the quality of life compared to today's cities.


October 2010 - ongoing


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